what is the best deal you ever got on audiogon

wires preamps,amp what the best deal you got here
Audio Mirror D1 Signature DAC. I bought two of them they were that good a deal.
That would be my Audioprism Mantissa tubed preamp ($700) if I recall correctly. Any and every upgrade I've ever tried shown clearly through this preamp...I suspect it could never be a bottle neck in any system.

the hand's down best deal for me was my speaker's, my friken eye's allmost poped out of my head when i saw a mint pair of xrt 22's in my state for $2,500.

im pretty sure that the guy who listed them musta been severly hammered while he wrote the ad, i constantly see guy's mispell mcintosh as (macintosh) but this spelling was crazy, he spelled it like maicinatowish.

even if he was a bit tipsy he took great care of his gear, i still check his name to see if something like that pop's up again in his listing's.

right behind that i picked up an extremely clean 3 pc matched set of mcintosh xl1 monitor's & xl1w subwoofer for $290.

there has been alot of other smokin deal's ive leaped on but to this day nothing top's the xrt 22's.

Probably the Dodson 217 Mark II D DAC with upgraded 218-like software. Odyssey Stratos Extreme monoblocks were also great, but less of a discount from their original price than the Dodson.
I've purchased some great equipment at oustanding prices, but by far the best deal I've received on Audiogon is the free advice that has allowed me to build a terrifically satisfying system.
6 month old Von Schweikert VR5s HSE $3200 delivered to my door. Still can't wipe the smile off my face on that one. Hell they even match the room decor.
I picked up a pair of Sonus Faber Grand Piano's for $1400 and if that wasn't a good enough deal already I later traded them for a pair of Alon Lotus SE MkIII's and then later traded those for my current JMlabs Micro-Utopias with matching stands! So in the end $6K+ speakers and stands for $1400 with a lot of fun along the way! I love Audiogon! And yes my GF thinks I'm insane.
IAG 4.5SE tube amp for $285 shipped. 3 wpc of single-ended bliss in an aircraft aluminum chassis. Thanks again, Bill.
The best deal I have recieved is the free insite and knowledge offered on audiogon and its forums. Considering the vast experence with different equipment and audio setups, the people on this site have given me an education which is priceless.
Thanks to all of you.
Best deal BAT 500 with BAK PACK, like new, the guy
delivered it to my place,also meeting friends here
at Agon.
ATI 2505 Amp for $1200 shipped. 5 x 250W of clean, clear, raw power. A good price for a 7/10 condition used, but it turned out it was a dealer going out of business and they had never even hooked it up because they never had a 20 amp circuit to plug it into. All 110 pounds is still sitting in the box as I build our Custom Quality Theaters showroom. It's the prize cheerleader that you had to wait for a year to take to the prom, but you just know how good it's gonna be when it finally happens.
I picked up a Chang Lightspeed HT 1000 Mk I for $450 shipped, I've had many other great buys, but this is the best 'bargain' I've gotten. I consider all my deals that end in new friendships a bargain. I still regularly speak to many people I've dealt with, and that is priceless to me (at the risk of ripping off a CC commercial..) I have also paid far more than am item was truly worth if it was worth it to me.

Case in point;

I have had a pair of JSE 1.0's with the JSE bases since I was a sophomore in college (1986), well, I ran across a guy here on the ‘Gon selling the 1.8’s for $600 with no boxes. I Emailed him anyway, figuring I would likely never want to pay the needed cost of packing and shipping, but was really interested in the speakers… Well, turns out the guy lives ~20 miles from me!! We spoke on the phone and agreed that $500 was fair, I went to his house and got to listened to them. I was happy, but told him (after I’d already agreed to the price, and paid him FWIW) that I thought the speakers were worth less as they only cost ~$1200 new 20 years ago, but I also told him they were worth every penny to me.

So, I guess what I am saying is that this wasn’t the best ‘bargain’ based upon retail price, but to me was a phenomenal deal! I currently have these speakers with sound fusion vibe buster 8 spikes in my bedroom and love them!!

I hope to continue getting my ‘bargains’ here for a long time!

I'm just reading this thread to see if anything I've sold is listed. ;-))
Focus Audio FS688's for $1350 with free shipping. Sell for $2990. Weren't even burned in when I got them. Emailed the owner after I received them and he said they were to be part of a 6th system he was putting together. Wife said enough and made him part out 3 of his systems. Said he had maybe 20 hours on the speakers.

Last year, I won the bidding on the classic Sony SCD1 SACD player... brand new in the original packaging with warranty ($2,600). Not bad considering that they haven't been in production for years. It's a great CDP, and I have the Audiogon users to thank for the research information.