What is the best CDP to be used as a Transport?

I am asking the Q because at some point on the upgrade merry-go-round I will be replaceing my aging Phillips CD-80 that I use in conjunction with a Smart DAC from Bolder.
Really like the Philly ,but I know there are better out there new or used.
Sony SCD-1 modded?

I am not familiar with the gear you mention above.

I also have a CD 80 and am using it now with an EAD 7000 Mk 111. IMHO this makes a pretty tough to beat combo. I am going to interested also in the replies to this thread.Have you tried any other transports?
If you're looking for bang for the buck and don't mind getting your hands dirty, try a Marantz CD67SE with an XO3 reclocking circuit. On it's own, the Marantz isn't a great transport but with the XO3 reclocker, the jitter almost completely disappears. I think you be hard pressed to find anything better without spending thousands of dollars.
I am using the Denon DCD-1650AR CD player as a transport. It is solidly built, has a nice user interface, and has been trouble-free, playing every commercial CD that I have loaded into it. Adding a Harmonic Tech Magic Digital One 1.5-meter RCA cable and a Dodson DA-217MkIID DAC to the Denon turned it into a 24/768 front end. The Denon new is only $1K, and can be had on AudiogoN for under $500.

Good luck!
No I have not used another player as yet.I did get a DVD for xmas that I might try soon,but I thought it would be an intresting Q also .That's why I posted it.

I got the Phillips along time ago when I worked for GTE Sylvania and it has never skipped on a CD.

I have heard alot about Marantz,but I do not know if that would be the same as what I have now?
Abex, if you can try a EAD 7000 Mk 3 or 9000, you might want to keep your cd80. They have a great interface and are pretty reliable. Just a thought.
Yes,seems like what Paul Lam stated someplace holds true.Older CDP's seem to have better Transports then most of the Plastic CDP's sold today unless you want to get into ultra expensive stuff.

The Phillips has their CDM-1 Transport and is made from Steel.Was highly regarded,but I think that some manufactures had used the same transport ,but modified the Laser Pickup.That would be to involved for me.Maybe someone like Stan Warren could take a look to see what he could do.

I think Wadia or another Co. used it and were asking $2500+ for the unit with a better Laser setup.

Might last till the next Century.
Abex, a tech guy who I trust told me recently after he had serviced my CD80 that in fact this unit is the same as a Revox pro unit and that is why it is built like a tank.My experience with the CD80 and the EAD really leaves me with little desire to upgrade to SACD. I recently heard a dcs Elgar and while it is very nice it didn't exactly kill my EAD/80 combo. In fact IMHO the difference was small. The Elgar was a little more dynamic and had a little more depth but the 80/EAD was equal in Bass and the extension in the top end went slightly to the older combo.
Well that kinda puts me at ease as far having a respectable source.I would imagine it would only have to come down to the DAC,synergy and personal taste after that.

I am currently using a Modified ART DAC that is in need for a better PS to have the Bass elevated a bit.

I will look into the EAD to see what it can do also.

Thanks for the responses.
I'd keep the CD80 until it stops working. I have a Marantz CD67 and in stock form it's a lousy transport. You have to be prepared to lift the lid and modify it in order to lower the jitter and make it a good transport ... per the recommendation from Jlambrick.
FYI my 15 yr old Mission PCM7000 makes a better transport than my Marantz CD67SE.

They just don't make 'em like they used to! :-)
Thanks Sean that is what I think I will do.