What is the best cd playback system?

Do anyone have an opinion of what the best cd/sacd playback system would be?
1. The Ed Meitner/Emm labs system?
2. The full Dcs system, Elgar and Verdi la scala?
3. The Dcs P-8 one box system?
My system is Usher dancer series 8871 II speakers, Pass labs x-600 amps. I would really be glad if someone could help me with this issue.

Eyolf Lund, Norway
It`s beyond me how anyone could contemplate such a purchase without an audition. No one will have your equipment, listening rm. with its indigenous acoustics & sonic preferences.
You certainly list arguably the best cost no object options. But I have to agree, synergy of new gear w/ your system, room, & ears is crucial. Also, I would also consider the Audio Aero players, which are in the same league for considerably less.
Wish that I had your delema. Best wish's!
Porsiob is correct of course.

It would also help if you gave us:
A. A budget range.
B. Whether you wish to buy new or used.
C. What do you have now, and why don't you like it.

Once we have all the information we need, we can give you our informed opinions as to which units that should be on your audition list.
I don't think the OP said or even imply that he was going to buy a system w/o listening to it. I'm not sure where that came from.

I think he just wants general opinions.
The answer depends, I suppose, on what your priorities are in your listening, as each of these units has something of a sonic signature and I don't think you can call any piece of equipment the best, there's just too much personal taste, system synergy, etc. involved. That said, I have heard the dcs stack at my dealer's and the EMM Labs gear in my home, and suffice it to say that, in its current form, I'm saving my money for the EMM Labs gear (I felt the earlier version was a little threadbare tonally, but not the current version), though by the time I've saved enough there may well be a new king of the hill. I feel that unless you get the Verona master clock you will not hear any dcs gear at its best, and that adds to the price substantially. When both are at their best, they are both superb, my leaning towards the EMM Labs being because I think it does the better balancing act of letting through all the details of the recording (where I think it is a little better than the dcs, which I think is just a little noisier) without calling attention to that detail, so you can concentrate on the music and not the guy blowing his nose offstage. Anyway, that's my opinion. YMMV.
IMO the EMM combo is certainly the best most accurate digital front end that I've heard. My DAC-6 is in for the Signature upgrade. I will report back in a new thread with the differences that I hear.

All the best,
To my ears the best CD playback has been from the Meitner EMM labs as well. Sweet, clear, smooth....... Looks pretty bare and industrial, but who cares when it sounds like that!
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What are you talking about??? Please be more specific....
I think he's referring to the APL Hi-fi NWO-2, no holds barred take on the Esoteric top machine? Right Steve?
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