What Is The Best CD Changer Player Out There?

I'm looking to add a "secondary" CD Changer to my main system. For those times when I'm in and out of a room, but want good, clean sound. A player that not only sounds good, but is also mechanically reliable. Player price on the used market should not exceed around $1500, and the McIntosh is not in consideration at this time. My system is comprised of a Classe CA401 amp, Krell HTS 7.1 pre-pro & Piega P10 speakers. All input welcomed.
You might want to check the archives on this one, it has been covered quite a few times. My vote goes to the Anthem disc changer.
I'll second the Anthem CD-1.
I assume the Anthem is out of current production?

Creeper & S7horton:
Anyone have experience with a McIntosh vs. Anthem comparison?
The archives are not so much of a help actually as most everything mentioned has been out of production for a long time.

I haven't heard the anthem or mac but they are very well reviewed. Other ptions to concider are a used Sony sacd SCD-222/333/555, or an IPOD. I have the 333 and have been very impressed with its cd playback, its a little slow in random mode though. The Ipod quality if you rip to full wav files or lossless compression its really very good, plus you would have a portable player as well. The background playback options of mp3 players makes changers look like victrolas. Being able to play back random by genere or make quick palylists for cleaning the house is quite nice. Actually, I see that your pre has digital input...why not a new dvd player and digital out to the krell or even some mp3 type player with a digital output.
good luck.
Do you have any experience with servers that can handle an entire CD collection? I'm really not Ipod savy, since I'm almost over the hill. So, a 5-6 changer is OK and 300-400 disks begins to compromise a bit. Has your 333 been performing trouble-free? Thanks.
I would think that one of the TRL modified Sony units would be an excellent choice. The super inexpensive 595 SACD changer got great reviews and some of the newer units are supposed to be even better. How about the Sony 2000ES SACD changer with TRL mods. I've heard it was a really sweet player and it would be well under your price limit.

You could also buy a Sony DVP-NC555ES for about $300 and send it off to SACDmods for their fully 5 channel mod at about $400. For a little over $700, your would have a good performing and good looking redbook, SACD, DVD-video deck. I'm thinking about this one myself!


George, I haven't gone the server route. The cambridge Azur 640H looks interesting but seems to be designed for systems with a TV. The I-pod as I use it (load and forget) is really very easy. You just need access to a recent PC and time to sit and load your cds (several hours), once you do the settings all you are doing is putting cds in click load then reapeat when they are done. Once the music is on the ipod you don't need a computer again except to add music. Play with one at best buy or something. They have remote controls now as well that you can add. Very easy to sell if you find you don't like it as well.

As to the 333, it has worked fine for me but changers may be one of the riskiest buys with all the moving parts. TIC may have a good idea about the current sony changers either modded or not. I don't know if the new players are better but my main gripe with the 333 which is a sacd / cd player is that operation is slowed because it checks for sacd status on every disk....bottom line is a 15sec pause between tracks on random...not seemless backgroung music if that is what you are looking for but these new sonys have very good sound for the price.
I have the Adcom GCD-600 changer(has been great) that I have running as a transport out to a AA DTI Pro and then to a PS Lambda Ultralink Dac. I am thinking of modding my cd player changer system with a modder, any input out there. To go back to a single player sysyem like the Meridian 508.24 will never happen for me, just a matter of using my system as background music so much of the time.
I am intrested in a low-jitter changer as well. I have so many CDs, I just don't have time to rip them all to a hard drive or what have you. Not only do you have to extract the bits, but you have to type track titles, etc.. What I would like to find is a well clocked and reliable CD changer that can handle, say, 10 CDs. I guess I could settle for 5 if I had to but I think 10 would be better.
A relatively inexpensive changer that sounds unusually good is the Decware DEC-685. This is a modified Sony DVP 685 changer and is now discontinued. However, I believe Decware may still have some for sale. I have had one for over a year without any problem. It works well as a player or transport. The modification implemented is merely adding a tube stage to the output of the decoder chip and bypassing all conditioning and hardware filter circuits.

Are there any new cd only changers? Just did some surfing and looks like they are all sony SACd or dvd changers.

Any one have info on the disc change speed of the new dvd or sony sacd changers?

My experience with multiformat players is that there is a delay while the player figures out what you put in. My old aiwa Cd changes in 3sec in random mode.

Baddabob: almost all new ripping software gets all the cd info off the net. The new I-tunes even gets album covers.
I just havent seen a music server player that looks easy to use. If you have seen the new jukeboxes in bars with the touch screen and easy browse menus, that's what I'm talking about.
Best changer is Sony 995V...new DVD upconversion with HDMI output as well and under $400.00. Not only that, but it's a darn good CD/DVD changer to boot and not a bad SACD changer...A steal IMHO!!!
Rotel makes a great changer: RC-1055. I've used it and been very impressed. I think it retails for $700.