What is the best BNC Digital Cable under $4,000?

I'm looking at the Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Digital BNC. As well as the Wave High Fidelity Cable and the High Fidelity Reveal BNC and the Black Cat Tron Ditial Cables, respectively.  What do you consider the best Digital BNC cable under $4K?
When I was comparing many RCA digital cables years ago the High Fidelity Cables were substantially better than anything else. I would get one of their RCA models and put BNC adapters on them.

Also, I am not talking about the new HFC 'Reveal' cheapo line, which does not even compete with the original CT-1. Try to get a CT-1 Ultimate or above. I use a CT-1 Ultimate Reference.

I'm running a 1 meter Kubala-Sosna Expression BNC between the Esoteric Rubidium clock and my Esoteric X-03SE. It was quite noticeably superior to the Oyaide DB-510 which it replaced.

I saw HFC digital BNC cables here (both the Reveal version and a CT version), emailed Rick about the possibility of buying with right of return if it didn't work out, and was put off by his negative answer. (Lack of confidence in the seller translates to risk aversion in the buyer.)

I do like some HFC (I have the MC 0.5 and the RCA adapters), but thought the CT-1 interconnect that I tried was glaring and tiring. I don't want to take a chance on any more HFC cabling...

Interesting that there are digital cables that can add a "1" here and a "0" there to give warmer sound and higher resolution. Need to invest.
Not just adding a "1" here and a "0" there, adding them exactly where they are needed.

Myself I use Kimber Cable D60 Data cable with BNC connectors to RCAs on the D60.
BNC adapters can be purchased on Amazon or Audio Advisor online.