What is the best BNC Digital Cable under $4,000?

I'm looking at the Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Digital BNC. As well as the Wave High Fidelity Cable and the High Fidelity Reveal BNC and the Black Cat Tron Ditial Cables, respectively.  What do you consider the best Digital BNC cable under $4K?
I wouldn't spend $4K on any digital cable. But I don't need to.

The best digital cable I've heard (I have the RCA version, but BNC is easily available) is the Oyaide 1.3 meter DR-510 coax cable. It's silver and sounded so much better than others here that I put it IMS & haven't touched it in 3+ yrs.

The BNC version is 1.3 meter DB-510. You can find it on eBay for under $200.

This is really bang for the price.

This one give warm and round sound with deep and wide soundstage.

While Blackcat Silverstar II is pretty good for the price with lot of details, it tend to show slight hard edge.

Now pair of Ram BNC cables are placed between Dave and Mscaler.

I use Sablon Panetta BNC between Jays CDT2 and Lyngdorf 2170( just room correction only ).

I also use Zenwave D4 digital cable between digital output of Lyngdorf and Chord Mscaler.

This combination give best overall sound to balance details and warmness with super wide and deep soundstage.

4K USD I will get a used baby grand piano. No electronics just acoustic wave to my ear. 100% pure music.

The  Sablon Panetta BNC is one that I'm strongly considering.  I have the Black Cat SilverStar 75 MKII and love it!  But I was recently given that recommendation as well.  I'm thinking about going with the TRON.

So would you mind expounding on the Sablon a bit more, especially compared to the SilverStar?
Observation: since digital cables are directional just like any other cable or power cord or fuse it’s probably rational to assume that it’s the quality of the voltage and current traveling through the digital cable that’s the case, not 1s and 0s. You know, 1s and 0s would be still 1s and 0s no matter which direction the digital cable was connected.