What is the best BNC Digital Cable under $4,000?

I'm looking at the Synergistic Research Galileo UEF Digital BNC. As well as the Wave High Fidelity Cable and the High Fidelity Reveal BNC and the Black Cat Tron Ditial Cables, respectively.  What do you consider the best Digital BNC cable under $4K?
Maybe those who can hear changes in quality data cables, sending binary have superior hearing to the guy who spends $50 for cable..

If you can hear a difference and have the extra $1000s laying around for cables, that also means you are a real audiophile with superior senses.

How good an audiophile can you afford to be? How good can you afford to hear?

Hate to be sarcastic but the hobby is not served well by all the BS..

Some of the decline since the 1980s is due to this ridiculousness, imho..

Its a really strange new science.. The deeper the pockets, the better the ability to hear fine details in digital cables. Who would have guessed there is a relationship?

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Why would a recording studio have any digital cable, even a $10 one? 🤔
I wouldn't spend $4K on any digital cable. But I don't need to.

The best digital cable I've heard (I have the RCA version, but BNC is easily available) is the Oyaide 1.3 meter DR-510 coax cable. It's silver and sounded so much better than others here that I put it IMS & haven't touched it in 3+ yrs.

The BNC version is 1.3 meter DB-510. You can find it on eBay for under $200.