What is the best bang for the buck 65 incher?....

I'm not into DLP, because of the space. Golden ears? Perhaps, but not eagle eyes, but do love HD. 65" with Blue Ray capablility a must. For me, bigger is better. This may be a great time to cut a deal, or after Christmas? Really not up to snuff with what's going on out there in videodom. I know that prices have come down, but there is not a whole lot in the 65 inch scene. Thanks in advance.
If "bigger is better" you might entertain front projection if it is feasable in your system.

They your adage can really be explored.
Yeah I'm with summit..get a projector if it feasible. No 65 incher can come close!
I'm also a huge fan of projectors, though not everyone can accomodate them from a budget standpoint or a logistical standpoint.

I would go with the Panasonic 65" V10 Plasma. Currently the best hd set and lots or arguments that it could oust the Kuro, which it is much cheaper then.
I say no on the Panasonic V10. The Samsung 58" 850 series plasma edged it out with flying colours. Far better. If Panasonic I suggest trying the G15 65". Or try the Samsung 850/860 series 63". I have the 58", Best tv period- Fricken AMAZING!!!!! Thats all I can say....

Regards Bacardi
Looks like those Samsungs are full of quality:


right now, vann's is selling a samsung 63" plasma for $2500--free shipping. pretty incredible how low these prices have gone.
If you do a search through Bing..you can save BIG. Tiger direct has a 63 inch Samsung plasma for $2500. After the Bing cash back you get it for just over $2200. I'm sure there are some other online stores with similar deals through Bing.
Look for a deal on a Sony 55" XBR8. They are expensive.
I am pretty sure they are the only TRIPLE color backlit LED
made to date. All are white LED's. XBR8 has red, green and blue LED's.

I have never seen anything in LCD even come close. The best blacks you can get on a LCD and great build quality.
I am much more of an audiophile than a videophile,
but I spent some time comparing the XBR8 with the two other
top brands in a high end store. Not Bright Buy.
The XBR8 is a nice set but the black crush is unacceptable. The new V10 Panasonics are markedly superior, deep blacks and all the detail is preserved. btw, you shouldn't determine television superiority in a store.

In any case, they don't make the XBR8 in a 65" size so it's moot. It's also too bad the 65" V10 doesn't have the single pane of glass design of the 50-54" models which is really nice (for aesthetic reasons only of course).
I have an XBR8.....what the heck is black crush?
Blacks are great on mine. I get comments from video people on the superior color.
Best LCD I have had.........I have had quite a few.

Sorry you cannot take three different tv's home like cd players. I thought the build quality was the best I have seen.

How many transactions here do most people have?
To bad you can't deal with the DLP's added depth. I just purchased a 60in Mits DLP for $795 on black friday for the kids TV/Game room

73in mits diamond for my HT setup & am tempted to throw that in the bedroom since Mits came out with a 82in version.

The depth doesn't bother me at all since it's the same depth of the speakers, compoents and all that stuff.....

We were considering a LED or LCD for the kids room but couldn't pass up the price on the 60in & the depth doesn't bother us at all.
Google is your friend:

If you can find one, a Sony KDS-60A3000. 60" SXRD with "floating edges". Great picture and best Sony compromise since they don't make a 60 or 65" LCD xbr. My experience has been that Sony gives me the most pleasing picture and they just don't break - I've still got an old 19" color one from college 25 years ago that works perfectly!

I have 5 Sony's, including 3 xbrs and this 60" SXRD is in the living room. Another option might be to check the Samsung line - they share some screen and component manufacturing with Sony - not sure if they currently have a 60 or 65" set.