What is the best audiophile speaker for a tiny square room?

I currently have Soundlabs M545 electrostatic speakers in my 9 x 11ft room. They are great speakers particularly for this small room because they are more directional than box speakers and therefore decrease sidewall reflections. However, like other electrostatics, they are hard to drive and require big amps (>200W), which tend to generate a lot of heat. Class Ds don't go well with ES speakers. Are there great easy to drive speakers that would work well in this room without compromising SQ?
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Hello @chungjh,
My apologies for the late reply. I humbly suggest that you approach it from a feasibility POV first: Will an amp of this size and configuration really work for you? By looking at a class of amp vs. looking at a specific brand or model you can get yourself "into the ballpark" as it were. My thought on this would be to audition something in the tube/100wpc range to start. Once you've made the determination that it works to satisfactory sound levels (I suspect it might.), then you can redirect from there. More power? Less power? Any favored brands? Price range? New vs used?  It sounds like you've decided to keep the speakers. Now it's time to find something to drive them properly to your requirements. In closing, I'm not going to get on the "buy this brand!" bandwagon. IMHO too often people get too strident about brands, seeking validation for their choices. Listen carefully. Make notes. In your area of the country I would suspect there are many suppliers to choose from or one of the use market places will net you a nice amp. Choose what makes you smile.

Happy Listening!
Meridian M20s are sounding great this evening after a recent recapping. KEF T-33 Tweeters serviced (FerroTec APG 512A ferrofluid) a few years ago. One of these days I'll have room for my loaned out M100 actives . . .
Check out OCD guy on Youtube...
Next Gen Class D amp - AGD Production Audion mono block amplifiers  could be a good match for Soundlabs M545 electrostatic speakers.
@tom_cat24.   Have you heard the AGD? It would be good to know their sound characteristic. Anyone?