What is the best arm for a Linn Soundeck 12

I am replacing the Akito arm for my Linn Soundeck12. What arms that fit should I consider? Do I have to replace the arm board?
Thanks for your info.

Since I have a Sondek lp12, I am looking at a couple of Itokk's that are up for sale just to stay within the Linn family. The Ekos is so well regarded that it trades almost instantly after a post. If I change to a non Linn arm, do I have to buy a new arm board?
Dear Juan314: I don't know which tonearm is the best for that Linn TT but IMHO and before any answer about what I should ask if was you is: what tonearm makes a good match with my cartridge?, the relationship between tonearm/cartridge is critical and makes a " difference " for the better or bad depending on how good the tonearm match your cartridge.

Of course that you can do it in the way you are asking hopping that the tonearm recomendation will be a good match too to your cartridge.

I think that if you post which cartridge(s) you own then the Linn experts/owners can give you a precise answer that can cope in both ways: TT and cartridge.

Regards and enjoy the music,
roksan nima, a poor man's aro, is supposed to work well on an LP12. availibility in the US may be an issue, though.
Gracias Raul, and thanks Gordon. My system is quite humble. Have the LP12 with an Audiotecnica AT440MLA cartridge, which I was thinking in replacing. Also have a Dennon DL 103 which is brand new and can dispose very easy. The Linn is presently playable and have no hurry because the skip happens on very few albums. Therefore, I have quite a bit of time. I just want to get something that offers good value and good sound. I have looked at the arms posted in AG and found that it is almost better to buy a another TT and put the Linn on the block.
Juan as far as differnt armboard drilling locations for each arm I would again consult a Linn Dealer. If you want to be safe I would stay with Linn. Keep in mind any arm you re-mount on there other than a Akito will most likely require you have the suspension adjusted.