What Is The Best And Cheapest Way To Clean Lp's?

I'm back in to vinyl and was wondering if you guys could share the best way to clean the Lp. It's beena long time and I'm out of the loop. Thanks.
Do you have a budget in mind? The Spin Clean ,looks like a good cheap way to clean LPs 79.99 at Music Direct or your prefered store
too many ways already mentioned in the past.
A fiber carbon brush seems to get about 80-90% clean for me.

Only on the snap crackle and pop records do i pull out the RCM
I use a Spin Clean as part of my cleaning regimen and believe it to be the best bang-for-the-buck out there.
Sorry I posted this in the wrong section. Thanks for the replies. I just don't want to spend as much as I paid for my TT. Spin Clean got two mentions here so I will look at that to start.
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I like the KAB USA EV1 record cleaning machine.
It's now twice the price of the the Spin Clean (geez the price has gone up since people found out about it...) but I feel it does a better job pulling crud out of the grooves.
Inexpensive steam cleaner. There are long threads on these.

Steam Cleaner
We use to do it Elizabeths way for years and was quite happy with results.Good mention E,cheers,Bob
Thanks to all, going to try the free metod mentioned by Elizabeth first.
I built a vacuum-based cleaner for next to nothing. Just as good as a VPI.

If you want instructions, email seditious1@gmail.com.
Elizabeth's method is OK if you have nice soft water or decent city water. Where I live, we have nasty hard water thats over 40 gr/gallon hardness.

I guarantee you if you rinse under this water you will leave a bunch of mineral deposits in your grooves.

Do this simple test. Take a clean mirror and place a droplet of you water on it. Let it dry. If you have a hard water spot left on the mirror, don't use it. Yes, wipping with a towel will remove much of the water, but not all. And the amount that's left will deposit crud on your record. Over time, with repeated cleanings, this can build up.

Even highly softened water will leave spots because the softener just replaces the Ca and Mg in the hard water with Na, ie salt. So you will still get salt deposited if the water is not removed completely.

I suggest you use E's method but substitute RO (reverse osmosis) or deionized water instead. You can buy complete RO systems for a few hundred dollars and not only is this water better to drink, but it has very low residual solids (on the order of 25 ppm or less) which will not leave crap on your records.