What is the best amplifier for Rockport speakers?

I am interested in viewpoints on power amplifiers for Rockport Technology speakers (Merak, Antares or Hyperions).
having had tenor 75wis',that were superb with my piega p-10s,i would have said that they were the best until i traded up for a goldmund 29m amp.it is much better then the tenor amp,imo.if you are considering speakers in that price range i would definately hear the goldmund 29m,somehow.it is powerful enough to drive any speaker but has the best,quickest bass i have heard.it also is as beautiful in the mids and highs as the tenors are.good luck
Ban- At this perfomance and price level, there will likely be several great amps that should work well with any of the Rockport speakers, both solidstate and tubes. It will depend on your personal preference as to which camp to consider. For my preferences, auditioning considerations would include WAVAC 833 SET monos. However, room and system consideration might dictate another solution. Enjoy!
The Tenor's are the absolute best match for the Rockport speakers. Andy Payor himself uses them and says he has never heard anything like them before. The Rockport's thrive on the speed and clarity of the Tenor's. I have heard so many other amplifiers and none are like the Tenor's, with the right speakers.

Rockport, of course, will be driving their speakers at CES with the Tenor 75Wi OTL's.

Could you please tell us about the new Tenor amps coming out?

Thank you
I have used Rockport Syzygys for about ten years now which use a smaller midrange and woofer than the Antares....The Antares seem to be (have only heard them at shows) more musical than my smaller model used full range (I normally use Entec woofers with the Syzygy)....If you want tubes then the Tenors work fine with the Antares, but would go for more power with the Merak/Sheritan or Hyperions....I have had two preamps customers who used the Antares and one liked the Tenors and the other used a Rowland Model 10....
Brad: The new Tenor amplifiers will be shown at CES in a few weeks. They are 300/600/1200 watts into 8/4/2 homs with aboutt least 6 db of headroom. Although I have not heard them yet, I am told they will sound exactly like the 75 Wp, but with the ability to limitlessly drive any speaker.

Come to CES. We will be showing them with the Kharma's.

Thank you for the response.

Work is sending me down so I plan on being there. I look forward to meeting you. Have a Happy New Year.

I love it when an mega buck equipment dealer like Jtinn says sometihing like "Andy Payor himself uses them(Tenor amps) and says he has never heard anything like them before."

Classic argument by assumed authority- Logic 101.

Did Mr.Payor design the Rockport speakers to use the Tenor amps or did he just try and build the best speakers he could?

Banpuku- I suggest you carefully read Mr.Crump's comments and threads if you seek the truth about amps/equipment for the Rockports.

Unlike Jtinn, Mr.Crump builds and designs audio products.

I think you'll find a properly designed speaker like the Rockports, will work well with a number of amps which don't
require a five figure investment.

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou!
Kana813, I also sell audio products so I would take anything I say with a grain of salt as well! Manufacturers normally only like their own gear so I am way too partial, but have used the Rockports now for a decade and know what they like in terms of power and control....I use solid state gear as I use my system to voice products and it must sound the same from day to day....I also own tube gear I use to keep a handle on where we are and where we are going.....You can get down the road with either technology and no it isn't necessary to spend a fortune on amps for the Rockports as used a borrowed Quad 405 Mk II here for a month or so it took to get a broken CTC amp put back together a few years ago and it wasn't just a horrible ride, just a little slow and a bit bright......Music still played 24/7 here.....
Ban - I'm neither a dealer nor a designer. I'm the guy Bob Crump refers to who is using a Rowland Model 10 - with my Antares. I tried the following before deciding on the Rowland: Symfonia Opus 10, Levinson 334 and 336, Pass X350 and X150, Sierra Denali, and the CTC BBQ (a modification of the Parasound 3500). The Rowland was significantly better - in MY system - than the others. That is NOT to say you might not get different results. I also agree with Jonathan regarding the Tenors working well with Antares - not from first-hand experience, but from talking to Andy Payor and another Antares owner. I do not agree with Jonathan, however, regarding the Tenors being "...the absolute best match for the Rockport speakers". I personally would be careful of opinions stated that way - but maybe that's just me. I suggest you call Andy (207-596-7151), as he is clearly the person who has heard the speakers with the widest variety of amps. My experience is he is very honest and "above board". One more thing: Bob did not mention his latest creation (well, he contributed significantly, that's for sure): the Parasound JC-1 mono amps. I have reason to believe from reports I have heard that these amps will be better than my Rowland Model 10 on the Antares. These amps were designed by John Curl, with Bob and Carl Thompson contributing with regard to parts and layout respectively. These are, in a sense, really CTC amps; although Parasound has them built to spec, warranties them, etc. Given what's involved I understand they could have cost close to $20,000 for the pair, if manufactured by CTC. With Parasound involved they are $6,000 for the pair. I would recommend that you at least consider these amps, if you are not inclined to stay away from solid state. I can tell you from experience that the CTC Blowtorch preamp is a wonderful product. Good luck. In any case, I will be very surprised if you are not happy with any of the Rockports. Very expensive - but the single best audio decision I ever made.
John, I remember saying to you that Rockport gear was a bargain and it truly is....We'll see how the JC-1s do for you with that 7' ceiling....