What is the Best amp for Martin Logan

I would like to know what amps and pre/amp do you guys recomend to run martin logan home theater,front are ascent,theater center channel,aeon surround and will get a set of scrpts for back sorround.right now I have a B&K AMP MODEL 7270.I really like to know what is better than B&K for the same price?or maybe a little more money?

I like the discontinued Krell kav-1500 into some power conditioning and 20 amp circuit. I would add monoblocks for the Ascents if you went to seven channels. I have similar speakers as you have listed above... I like the Lexicon mc-12B because it is a pretty simple unit that is balanced and has nice dsp's.
Krellnormally sounds good with the logan if you will
use cardas cable the kav 3ooi you can buy them use at
audign, you did not mentioned if you frefer five chanel
Plinius sounds good too, but i dont know if they have 5
channel, the receiver is good too.
I have two systems with ML's. For two-way I have a pair of Spectral monoblocks and a Spectral DMC-30s pushing a pair of Prodigy's. A Linn CD-12 is the front end. In my opinion, Spectral is the best I have heard with the Prodigy's.

For HT I have a Theta Dreadnaught and a Theta Casablanca II driving a pair of Asscents, A Cinema center and Scripts in the back. Very satisfied with this set-up.
Ironically, the INNERSOUND ESL amp (a M.L. "competitor") is a fantastic match with ANY Logans' that I've heard them hooked up to. Around $1500. used.
Rowlands match them very good from my experience
Odyssey Stratos Monos with caps(360000)upgrade! Call Odyssey Audio and tell them you speakers (Ascents). I have the same speakers and with the monoblocks, they ended my quest for amp-hunting!
Thanks everyone for your imput, I will check everyone of them,but what do you guys think about the B&K? one of the amp I got my eyes into it is the INNERSOUND ESL ,sound interesting the fact that is made for ESL speakers.any more imputs?
I use a Mcintosh 352 with my Odysseys.
remenber guys that I'm trying to run home theater with seven channels.
Rowland manufactures a 6 Channel amplifier the MC-6