what is the best amp for B&W 802N

Hi. I just bought B&W 802N. And I'm using MF-A3.2cr. Should I get a more powerfull MF or Krell. I can list my amp for sale and get more power. Looking for used one, and want to spend $2k on 2ch amp.
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your amp is fine. unless you are going to double the power, the mf is a nice match.
2K wont do it for long if at all,unless your room is 12x16.Good luck,Bob
You could chuck your pre-amp and amp and get a KW500 integrated.
I'd say, do a lot of research, & probably up your budget to power N802's. And maybe start thinking Mono-blocs. Bryston 7BST or SST's might be the least expensive. And possibly Classe? But don't skimp on the power, or the quality.

I biamp with the A3CR on top and the A300CR on the bottome. This gives me plenty of power, and its easy since they have the same gain. You can pick up a used A300 for what you want to spend.
A pair of Classe CAM 350 (mono blocks) should do the job.
Over the last couple of years I've upgraded my electroncis (CD player and amp) and cables and found that my B&W 804N remarkably improved in sound with the upgrades. This indicated to me the B&W 804 are quite a refined and transparent speaker and require quality electronics and cabling to sound its best. I would think the B&W802 would be the same.

Wadia 861>>Jeff Rowland 201 mono amps>> B&W804N>>Kimber Select ICs & Kimber BiFocal XL Spk cables.
The new Delta amps from Classe are a perfect match for the B&W's. I would assume that the older ones are good too. The N802's can use as much power as you can give them, but don't skimp on the quality to get it. Best match I've heard is the CA-M400's.
Mcintosh MC501. Best match with my B&W 802N. I went from Classe CAM350 MB to Cary Audio V12 MB. Happy and very much satisfied with MC501.
I have the 802's and have gone from a Conrad Johnson Sonograph to a CJ 2500 and now use a Mcintosh 352 and the speakers have come alive. Power rules with these speakers and the Big Mac sound is a terrific match.
My friend uses a pair of ML 333 to drive his N801 (bi-amp), and it is the best sounding system I have ever heard approaching life music able to play real loud without strain like with single 333 amp. With this said, you can throw as much "good" power as you can to your 802N, the sound will just get better. I would recommend you to save enough money to get ML, Krell or other high power tube amp to maximize the sound of 802N.
I would suggest trying a big Krell FPB amp.
Parasound HCA-3500 is like an older version of the JC-1's. It drives my 802N's really well. Pay attention to the preamp, as well. I got an Audio Research LS16 MkII, and wow... Don't mess with solid state preamps....these babies want to breathe.
I ended up buying ML332, thanks everybody
I am looking for a Amp to drive my 802N too.
My room size is 18' x 20'.

I am looking at Rotel RB1092 ($2500) + RC1070 ($500)
Mc's MA6900 ($5k) buy only 200W.

I select these two because of their small form factor. Do I have to get MC501 to push this speakes for my room size?

Thanks in advance.
Hi, Lkj1956!
Iy's been almost 6 months. And I AM very happy with the sound. Transparent Ultra XL speaker cables, and Transparent Super MM interconnects, ML-332, and 802N is an excellent match. If you want to spend $5k, I'd get ML-336, I've seen one very recently. ML-332 is 200W/ch, ML-336, I think 300W/ch. This is what you want for 802N.... POWER.
Good luck, and let me know what you end up getting.
Thanks for the reply. My concern is heat and size of the ML. I still need to get a pre-amp. If 200W from the ML332 is good enough for you. I don't think I need to take the Rotel route for 500W. May be the MA6900 will work for me.
The MA6900 is awesome with 802s. I did like the ML334 with them too but MC501 monoblocks beat everything I have ever heard with these speakers and they will remain cool as a cucumber. Guaranteed to last 40 years that way. But yes, the 6900 will have enough power for your room.

Take a hard look at the Sunfire Signature. I ran N802's with them and they were the best amps I had on them in your price range, and bettered several more expensive amps as well...there's one listed right now for $1800