what is the best amp $3000.00 can buy

I have the Gallo Ref3 speakers, I like all music, but especially jazz, and vocals. Can you recomend an amp. The amps I'm concedering are one of the Icepower amps Bel Canto, Jeff Rowland ect.or tube amp, Rogue M150 quick silver.
I think you have to narrow your question to either tube or ss first. And maybe you have no idea right now. That's OK. The Ref3 will perform respectably with either kind, but you'll quickly discover you like them better with one kind vs. the other. So do that comparison first.

And don't fret about which amp(s) to use to make the comparison, because the differences between tube and ss will be obvious regardless of which specific units you choose for the A-B (other than making sure the amp(s) provide sufficient power to drive the speakers.)

Then your question will get more meaningful responses.
About 1/6th of a DarTZeel 108.
Unless I'm mistaken, the refernce 3 already has self powered subwoofer, you don't need too much power to drive the mid and tweeter.
I would look at some class A or AB amp that's less than 25 Watt/ch.
Joe, I suggest you take a look at one of the digital ice H20 amplifiers now being manufactured by designer Mr.Henry Ho in Virginia. I bought one last year and I'm totally satisfied. You can research feedback on this product here under H20 or on Audio Asylum. Henry's website (www.iceh20audio.com)isn't the most inclusive, but his wonderful products more than make up for it's short comings. Henry's email address is mylienho@netzero.net and his phone number is 804-873-8974. He's great to work with, so don't hesitate to contact him. Good Luck,
I am a little late coming to this thread. I agree with Lloydf about the H20. I bought one last year to replace my tubed Audio Reseach VT100. I never thought that I could live without a tubed amp until I tried the H20. It is an amazing product. Henry will send you a demo unit to try out in your system. He is a great guy and stands behind his products.