What is the best AES/EBU?

I am looking for advice on the best sounding AES/EBU cable in a one meter length. Thanks
What is AES/EBU? Thanks.
Transparent Reference XL.
I have Sy.Re. Reference,with the collar omited.Orchard,by Illuminatti,ain't bad either.
AES = Audio Engineering Society and EBU = European Broadcasting Union. The AES/EBU part generally refers to a method of connection that uses 3 pin XLR connectors with 110 ohm shielded cable and signal levels around 5v (although the standard allows 3 - 10 volts signal level). Hope this helps? Regards, Richard at www.vantageaudio.com
What is best is what you like. And it also depends on the components you're connecting. That said, I tried Madrigal's MDC-1 110 ohm AES/EBU cable between my Levinson 37 transport and 360S DAC in comparison to the near same price Cardas. The Madrigal cable was exceptionally detailed and not harsh, but in my the system I clearly preferred the Cardas for its musicality. The Cardas was not as detailed as the Madrigal, but it had a naturalness, ease, and pace, rhythm and timing (PRT) that the MDC-1 lacked. Good Hunting. Craig
garfish's observations are spot on. i also favor the cardas.
I have tried a number of digital cables between my transport and dac and found the Tara Labs RSC Master Generation 2 to work the best in my system. Good luck.
Synergisitc Research DR Squared with Master Contol Center is awesome. For a more lucid approach: look into Kimber Select. Transparent Audio XL works well with Levinson.
I have had very good luck with both Nordost aes/ebu cables the moonglow is in a CAL setup alpha /delta with a VAC avatar with Alon petite's //// I also use the Nordost silver shadow in a theta jade // basic 3a system with tube pre and tube power