What is the best A/V Receiver out there?

Hello to all. I'm looking for a bit of advice on a great A/V receiver. I'm mainly interested in the video processing aspect. I have my sights on the Yamaha Avantage RXA 2000 and the Pioneer Elite SC-35. Has anyone had any experience with either of these?

I currently use DirectTV for HiDef viewing and I'm trying to keep the video image as close as the image I get from a direct HDMI to the LED tv I have.

Any comments or advise is greatly appreciated.

Look at Anthem MXR series AV Receivers which has upconversion to 1080p60.

Besides great video processor it is a great audio component.
I agree look at anthem. Why not do a d2v with a nice 7 ch amp.
Take a look at the Arcam avr400.
Why not link your video signal directly from your cable box to your TV and bypass another processor?

The Anthem is good, but will be more expensive.

I had 3 of the higher end Yamaha receivers. The first one is still working, but the two subsequent upgrades I had purchased all died within 5 years after purchase. And in both instances, I was told that the factory no longer has the replacement parts. After spending like $3k on a receiver, that's not an answer I wanted to hear!

Yeah, yeah, I know the technology changes fast, and I should upgrade to keep up. But, I would expect these things to last longer than 4 or 5 years. Now I have two "pristine" looking boat anchors sitting in their original boxes, complete with original menus and accessories collecting dust in the garage.

For the money you are spending on those 2 models, I would suggest looking at a comparable Integra model. It's Onkyo's Elite line. But they've put serious components in their models. Just check the binding posts, you would think that it's a $8k high end amplifier. I had my eye setting on one. But my projector, from Pioneer Elite, only takes HDMI v1.3 and the TV, also from Elite, only takes HDMI v1.3a, so I ended up buying a Pioneer SC27, the previous model at a substantial discount right after they discontinued it.

I don't think you can go wrong with Pioneer Elite. They are pretty good for the money. Integra's price is pretty rigid. But you can find pretty good deals on Pioneer Elite.

I connect my satellite box into my pioneer SC 05
Via hdmi. How can i use HDMI for sound and video seperately?
Most cable boxes have a dedicated audio digital out (many TV's do as well). I did a survey a while back on another forum and the majority of people do not run the video signal at all to the a/v receiver. I have never used the receiver's video functions. I watch most of my TV (mostly news, etc) the TV speakers. Your video will only be as good as the capability of your TV. I run HDMI direct to TV, TOS link to receiver. Same with video players.
I replaced an Integra with a Pioneer SC-27. While I never did a direct comparison with Arcam and the Pioneer I would suggest that the Arcam will have a richer sound than the Pioneer at normal listening levels. Pushing both to their limits with inefficient small speakers, and this happens often with HT, the Pioneer is will be less congested and fatiguing.

I have no experience with Anthem.
The Pioneers are Digital amps. Better off with a nice NAD. I had a Pioneer Elite (92THX) and went to the NAD T775 and it wasn't even close. The new pioneers with the digital amps sound pretty poor. Actually, they sound great but there isnt any emotional connection. You sit there listening and wonder whats missing.
Maybe that's the definition of true transparency
I have been using an Anthem MXR 700 for the past couple of months with my new 3D home theatre...I would highly recommend it