What is the best 5k-plus Preamp with balanced outs and Phono stage?

I am looking for a preamp with a great phono stage to replace my Anthem D2V and match up with my Ayre MXR 20's. 

My system complete system includes the following...

Ayre MXR-20 mono amps
Aerial VT20 speakers
Blusound and Codex DAC
Oppo 105
Music Hall MM 5.1 turntable 
Cardas speaker cables and balanced interconnects.

I am currently using a Anthem D2V with a Klyne SK5a (phono stage)

I appreciate any feedback, especially from those familiar with Ayre products.

How much over $5,000? for a little over, the EAR-Yoshino 868PL. For a lot over, the same company's 912.
Great feedback. I have my work cutout. 
I have no problem going a bit over. With all the options it comes down to system matching and value proposition. I learned that in many cases paying 10k versus 5k may not equate to 50% better sound. 
I second the EAR-Yoshino & AR SP-20. Also try to audition the Macintosh C2600 - it is a very capable tube preamp with an exceptional full feature phono stage and a warm yet detailed sound.
Going with separate phono stage might not necessarily offer better value due to costs of a separate chassis and power supply, but I would still suggest it because separating those will often give better sound quality. Better phono stages often have external power supplies to keep the low level signal away from the PS, reducing noise, more impactful with phono signals than higher line level signals. 

If we are casting votes, I love the Backert preamps, know the principals well, and can't say enough good things about their dedication to helping you get the best sound for your money. They are no nonsense guys with a professional musician doing most of their voicing/listening. They will spend hundred of hours comparing the sound of every damn capacitor, piece of wire, etc. to get the most out of their designs. The UI and clean design of their gear is appeal IMHO too, especially the top access to tubes, handy for tube rollers. Cheers,