What is the best 5k-plus Preamp with balanced outs and Phono stage?

I am looking for a preamp with a great phono stage to replace my Anthem D2V and match up with my Ayre MXR 20's. 

My system complete system includes the following...

Ayre MXR-20 mono amps
Aerial VT20 speakers
Blusound and Codex DAC
Oppo 105
Music Hall MM 5.1 turntable 
Cardas speaker cables and balanced interconnects.

I am currently using a Anthem D2V with a Klyne SK5a (phono stage)

I appreciate any feedback, especially from those familiar with Ayre products.

Have you looked at Backert Labs?  All their models have XLE.  A high-value sleeper brand.
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Two great suggestions.
I was hoping I can find a high level preamp with a built-in phono stage due to space restrictions but if separates offer better value I'll make it work. 
I will look into your suggesstions
A second hand aesthetix Janus signature is what I have and enjoy very much.  An Atma-Sphere MP3 would be another to consider I would think though the Janus has more flexibility in terms of cartridges.