What is the best 42"plasma Panasonic or Pioneer?

I am searching already for one year to buy a great home cinema package.
I am looking for a plasma prepared for High Def. with DVI/HDMI port for the best picture i can get. The problem is that i am confused between the new Pioneer PDP-434 HDE and the Panasonic Th-42PHD6UY , please help me i dont know which one to choose?

By the way i am looking for a great Universal DVD player(DVD-A and SACD) and ilink for the best sound. Firstival i was decline for the Pioneer DV-757Ai and the VSA-AX10i, but when i saw the picture in a Panasonic plasma i wasnt impressed, so if some body knows a better package, please tell me ?

My budget is 20.000 US/20.000 EUR/14.000 pounds.
You may be better served by asking this question at http://www.avsforum.com/ I find these guys are more into the video end of HT.

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Here is a sight which may help answer some of your questions http://www.plasmatvbuyingguide.com/index.html

Take time to go thru the "FAQ" section and the "BUYING TIPS"

At EDTV level, I pick Panasonic over Pioneer. At HDTV level, my eyes can't tell the difference as I watch HDNet on those two plasma panels. Based on deductive reasoning or elimination process, I would pick Panasonic HDTV over Pioneer HDTV due to the core competency at EDTV level (all components & features taken into consideration). How valid is such reasoning? No one knows unless some one performd a statistical study. Other than that, visit those websites and rely on those reviews done by professionals. Good luck.
The Poineer "Elite" with out a doubt puts the Panasonic to shame. Not only does it use deep cell encapsulation but it automatically converts all formats to its native resolution 768 x ?. Although, it lists for 8 grand. If your budget allows I must insist you check this one out.
Over on avsforum.com they say that the Elite is the same as the HD Pioneer with a different case, FWIW. Just $3k more.
Which HD Pioneer plasma do they compare with the Elite. thanks for your help Swampwalker..
Swapwalker, It is entirely possible that at avsforum.com they suggest that the Elite is the same as an other model. However, I believe if you were to compare them, as I have compared thier models numerous times at any number of stores, you will agree that there is a sustantial difference in the picture quality.
You know, I wasn;t paying much attention since I was just browsing, but go to AVS forum and you will find some FAQs on plasma TVs that will give you what you need. I will admit that I liked the Elite an awful lot when I saw it at Tweeters, but I am also cynical enough to believe that they have tweaked the Elite to look better and justify the price since they sell them both. I did not go into several stores, tho.