What is the best

Have A VPI Scout.With A Benz Ace. Audio Research Pre and,amp What would be the best phono peramp at A fair price.Was trying to pick from the following. Monolithic PS1 HC1, Musical Surroundings Phonomena, Acous Tech PH-1, Camelot Lanceot Pro. Just looking to bring my old,and new LP'S back to life. More musical,would like good dynamics, but music is first
Latest and unfourtunatly last issue of Listner has 5 Phono pea amps in review.
You have mentioned a lot of good choices. The EAR tube unit and the Electrocompaniet ECP unit are also great choices.
The Musical surroundings is a great match for the ARC
I also like the Clearaudio...
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You could probably get a used ARC PH3 for a good deal. I have the SE verson and must say that the regular version was mighty close!!!