What is the best 1080p hdmi cable to buy?

What is the best 1080p hdmi cable to buy?
Best one to buy? A cheap one. Go to MonoPrice.com, you can snag a great cable for $10-$100...

Over at Avsforum.com some people are having some handshake issues with cheaper cables. This appears in a couple of threads, most natably in the Anthem tweaks thread.
I second the MonoPrice. I bought one for about $35 for my new HD LCD............ The thing is very well made and offers really good performance IMHO.

I bought mine from PCcables.com. It cost $12.50 for the premium version. It is a well made cable and has worked flawlessly in my setup.

Here is a direct link to the one I bought:



Another vote for PCCable. Works and looks great for me also. Love the prices even more.