What is the best $1000 CD Player?

My Arcam Alpha 9 has died for the second time. I am reluctant to spend $ on another repair. My lond term goal is the Cary 303, but I nedd to spin discs now. What is the best CD player in the $1000 range. Somehow the Rega Apollo keeps rearing it's head. Help me make my decision.
A used Audio Aero Prima would be my first thought.
New? or used?
New would be Jolida.
Oppo 979HD a DVD player that sounds great with cd's. $149!!!

Just to complicate things a bit more, a good, flexible option for that much money might to combine a high-quality used DAC like the Ben Canto or Benchmark with a decent transport, perhaps a used Denon DVD player or Rotel CD player.

You'd get remarkable sound, an easy upgrade path and the possibility of experimenting with hard-drive based audio if that appeals to you.
Ditto Prima.
Used - Audio Aero Prima, Arcam fmj 23, Sony XA7ES.
New: Rega Appollo
An Altmann DAC fed by your computer via a toslink cable.

I'm making an assumption that you appreciate the HDCD function of the Arcam. Look at a used Cary 300-200 or Resolution Audio CD-55.
ARCAM FMJ 23T if you have any HDCD discs. It is the primo HDCD player. If not, the AA Prima wins at that price.
My vote ....Resolution Audio CD-55, probably at least 1200.00 though =(
Who sells the Altmann DACs, does anyone know? It's a German company; I assume someone is distributing in the US.
Altmann is sold direct to my knowledge. If you follow the link in Herman's post you'll get all the information you need.
If a transport/DAC combo is possible, then I'd suggest a combination of a Sony DVP S-7000 or Sony DVP S-7700 and an Altmann DAC or a MHDT Labs Paradisea DAC.

Either combo will be exceptionally musical, and it will cost between $700-$1000 depending which DVD player and DAC you select. Use a $20 glass toslink cable sold on Audiogon and you're done.
Altmann sells direct from Germany.
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Here be my vote.

Used, very cheap, old Rega Planet
Bel Canto DC-1 w/ Pioneer DV414, get to do dvd's too:)

New, Rega Apollo

I second the MHDT Paradisea Dac. Buy one of those Oppo's for a transport. Down the road throw a upsampler(Monarchy/Gw Labs) in between the two..and really get your mind blowed!
Rega Appollo was just named Stereophiles budget componet of the year.

Second the Arcam either cd 92 T or the 23 T,that said Im going to try a Rega to see how it compares to the Arcam ,not going to do it to soon yet but some time in the coming months,if it can beat the Arcam I will be surprised.
I agree with Coffeey. The Arcam cd92 is a killer cd player on the used market. Combine the CD92 along with the 'de mat' rubber cd mat, and the cd playback approaches that of my newly acquired Ayre C-5xe! I've also read good things about the Rega Apollo but have not had a chance to audition it.