What is the best....?

What is the best....?
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The best is what makes you happy.
Warm vodka and big sweaty women. Wanna join?
What an inane question. How long is a piece of string?
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Why do you start these things?
I have it on good authority that:
There is no definitive "best" of anything. There are way too many variables involved. The "best" you can hope for is to find something that works well in your system. You can then say it's the "best" for you until you find something you think is better !!!!

Best(!) regards,
-- Al
Well pard I am glad you asked. It has got me thinking. My two seconds of thinking is up. T. that is a great question hopefully it will quell all those silly questions i.e what is the best wood to look at while you are listening to Brahms, what is the best ear cleaner, what is the best after a hard day of scrabble- should I use tubes or ss, what is the best- to ionize my air or use electronic air cleaner or have a maid come in spray the air with fabreeze, what is the best style of socks to wear when you are listening to Richard Thompson, what is the best outer jacket to have on my power cord in my system. Sorry I have A.D.D. so I can't help you anymore.
Al...you beat me to it. :-)

But there is always this little ditty from our OP:

"Sorry to sound like a broken record but "Best" is in the eye/ear of the beholder. There is no definitive "best" anything, it's all subjective. When you ask a question like this, the answers will always be what folks think is "best" to them in their system."
To have your own words used against you!! Are there no limits, or standards of conduct on this site!!!
...to see your enemies driven before you, and hear the lemantation of their women.
Pick up the latest High Times issue.
I googled it.

Here is The Answer not surprisingly.

Damn, Google is good!
Oh, the inhumanity.
I take to despair in times like these.

All the best,
The answer is 42!
One better than second best, or Kelloggs, the best to you each morning...
Good will to all....... is best
Mine is.
I'm happy to see some folks around here still have a sense of humor.
limit that approaches an infinity.
toes in the water, ass in the sand...
"Finding your Bliss"
Tropical beach, toes in turquoise water, ass in white sand, sun shining, cool breeze, hot chick in bikini, beer in hand.

See Corona beer commercial.
Just an opinon
Penelope Cruz (I'd like to think).
Maestros steakhouse!
why ask the question , if there is no definitive answer ?
No matter how subjective the criteria, no matter how unattainable the answer is, an answer must exist. Somewhere, something, without any qualifications, is in fact "the best”.

That said, if this was intended as a serious question instead of a "Tpreaves is bored” question, I would have expected to find it placed in the more appropriate “Best of" forum; in which case I would have said "bombs away" for daring to distract the deep thinkers who take on the challenge of answering the big questions in that forum.
Pangea powercords of course. If you didn;t know that you will for each and every powercord thread.
"What an inane question. How long is a piece of string?"

That's an easy question to answer. When you say "how long is a piece of string", that limits you to 1 piece. Since you ask for no other variables with regards to the string, all you need to do is find a piece of string and measure it. Whatever your answer, thats how long a piece of string is.
So, how long is it?
What's better than the best for those that have the best? Does the best actually sound better than something that is not the best? If you were flying thru the jungle in a canoe, and all of a sudden, you got a flat tire, how many pancakes would it take to fix the steering wheel? None, cause motorcycles don't have windows. See what listening to SS can do to you?
I found it, but can't say it here!
There is only one answer to this question and I think you all know it...success.
Polk. Funny, funny, funny.
I didn't think I knew this answer, but I was wrong.
Coming back to this home we call earth after it has been cleaned up from all the muck man has dumped on it. Growing to age 21/26 and peeking out there and not growing old with decay/old age and death. So eternal Life. No disease sickness or crime. No insane people!! A earth with righteousness peace and joy. No hair loss wrinkles nor inperfections in the body. No jails/hospitals/police/hierarchy government that pisses $$$ away. I could go on ond on and on......
Anything Mike Lavigne has !!!! Or anything I don't have !!!!
Listening to a good recording ( any format ) on my main Hi Fi with a large glass of 50 year old Whisky, Coke and just the right amount of ice . Oh , if my pretty wife and young daughter are listening with me on the sofa , as they sometimes do, thats ok too.
"...with a large glass of 50 year old Whisky, Coke and just the right amount of ice.”

LOL - you’re just messin with us, right?
Come on now, SS ain't THAT bad. Pretty brutal, but not that bad.
Kubala Sosna
Keyser Söze
In there price range, tyler acoustics decade speakers
"My tastes are simple: I am easily satisfied with the best"
Winston Churchill.
Great guy!
Maui Dogs