What is the 'BAT sound'?

I keep reading things like 'if you like the BAT sound' - especially with regard to preamps.

Can someone shed some light on this? How do they compare with, say, VTL or ARC?
Most bats use frequencies for guidance in the dark in the range 20-80 kHz, only a few bats use frequencies less than 20 kHz which is the upper limit of human hearing.
Na,na,na,na,na,na,na,na Batman!!
Maybe just maybe you're really asking about a Balanced Audo Tech preamp? vs the flying lil rodent?

If so, it's usually associated with a robust, deeply engaging midrange. Still great highs and lows, but this robust midrange is a character rarely heard in other brands.

I used to own a BAT pre and amps. My opinion, in this particular area, they are state of the art.

Hope this helps...it's worth a listen, great stuff !
I don't BAT pre's have a particular "tubey" sound like the older ARC's but have a wonderful engaging midrange. The newer ARC's have a less tubey sound but have not heard any. A buddy of mine has a LS16MKII which I want to hear soon but he says its not "that" tubey. I had an older LS7 in my system a few years ago and didn't care for it at all. Have not heard the VTL but almost bought.

The best way to describe the sound of my (former, sniff) 300X-SE is "open, neutral, unimpeded".

I think this is due to the no-feedback design.

Other equipment I've owned seemed to be holding back the music -"maybe if I just turn it up a little more...".

Honestly, the BAT just gives you the music -period.

It inspires confidence that you are hearing everything that is on the disk.
Very , very high pitched.
Thanks for the responses. :-)

I'm asking because I'd like to find a preamp that has some midrange bloom without being overly tubey.

I've heard the ARC 3 a while ago (and found it very un-engaging), but I've never heard, say, the VTL 7.5 or BAT 52se or REX.
" I'd like to find a preamp that has some midrange bloom without being overly tubey."

Have you considered Joule-Electra LA-300ME? Harry Pearson wrote that it is most romantic preamp ! (without euphonic coloration) and if you will look for the owners reviews, even here on AudiogoN, you will see that almost everybody state that its most important characterisic is "grabbing" you into the music and not letting you go.

REX by BAT is also excellent preamp but as other noted it has "robust, deeply engaging midrange " - I fully agree. Joule-Electra, on other hand, has nothing robust, nothing specific which bring attention to your ear. One thing - deep involvment with music. Nothing more.

All The Best