What is the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower technology?

The backbone of the new Jeff Rowland amplifiers are the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower modules and, of course, Rowland probably has a few modifications of their own incorporated into the amps as well. Please see http://www.medicom.bang-olufsen.com/sw1029.asp for more info on the B&O ICE power modules.

The above web site says "This joint venture between Bang & Olufsen a/s and the ICEpower inventor, Ph.D. Karsten Nielsen, is the perfect combination. As the result of many years of fundamental research within the field of audio power conversion, Bang & Olufsen ICEpower a/s was founded in 1999. The hard work was turned into technology platforms and the exploration of a wide range of ICEpower applications could begin".

The above web sites reports that several audio mfg are using the Bang & Olufsen ICEpower modules in their products. For example, The Jeff Rowland Design Group new 300 Series power amplifier is based on B&O ICEpower technology. Can someone please explain, in simple English, this new technology and what it really means to the world of high end audio? Is an amplifier that incorporates the ICEpower module a substantial improvement over older designs? What impact does the ICEpower module have on the sound quality? Is it tube like or does it have its own sound type? Is the ICEpower module a proven audio technology or are new changes expected? Thanks...
ICEpower is also used in Acoustic-Reality amps. It's another form of digital amplification. Some manufacturers that are currently using digital amplification include Bel Canto (Class T), Spectron (Class D), Audio Research (Class T), Panasonic etc. Many active subwoofers offer digital amplification as well. "Google" it or go to some of the above mentioned manufacturers to read the technical papers on this technology. There's too much to be described in the context of a forum.
When I read the recent TAS review of the exotic new Beolab speaker, I wondered how much of the sound of that speaker, which the reviewer seemed to like very much, was a result of the 2500 watts of ICEpower amplification built in.