What is the actual percentage of people exclusively listening to vinyl vs digital?

I well remember in the ‘80s when we were amazed and thrilled by CD.
Wow, no more pops and clicks and all the physical benefits.
Seems so many abandoned vinyl.
But now, with so much convenience, available content and high SQ seems even dedicated vinylholics have again abandoned vinyl and embraced digital. However, there is clearly a new resurgence in analog.
But I look at, for example, whitecamaro’s “List of amplifiers...” thread and no one seems interested in analog!
To me, it seems strange when auditioning “$100Kish gear, that vinyl doesn’t enter the picture or conversation.
Younger generation have different attitude about vinyl culture and have so much enthusiasm about it. They appreciate the nature of vinyl and don’t want to make vinyl sound like their father’s or grandfather’s CD. Some of them don’t know what is CD, because they have streaming since they are born (in the digital world). 
:) you definitely too optimistic about those young vinyl lovers. 
I did perform my research on them. The first one is my own daughter, she bought a TT for her college dorm room and another guy is neighbour high schooler. Both of them went to vinyl only because “it’s cool” they definitely don’t care about SQ and act so just because it’s trendy this days. The guy also mentioned that visual movement of platter is the main thing what’s attracting in vinyl music :)))) they also don’t give a clue what is analog vs digital. When I tried to explain the difference both of them made tired faces and tried to switch subject right away. 
@surfmuz my nephew also asked me to help him with his first analog rig, he tried to scratch my records since he was born :))

Now he’s got a Micro Seiki DD with Empire MI cartridge from me, he ordered Trends TA-1 (tripath amp) next step is phono stage,  and then a pair of high efficient speakers like small vintage Tannoy.

Vinyl is definitely very cool and this is most important when you are young.
I listen almost exclusively to vinyl. Maybe a couple times per year I listen to CDs. I also have cassettes. 

Digital is an awful format. The background is quiet, yes. But the audio portion is just abysmal.

millercarbon8,794 posts04-18-2021 8:17pmThis took a lot of research. Cross-referenced and weighted by country, with statistical certainty of six-sigma, the answer is, zero. Zero percent listen exclusively to vinyl.

So now you know. Next?

You can not be equivocal about zero.
One lone fanatic out of an infinite sample size IS NOT absolute zero %.

You can not be equivocal about zero.One lone person hearing digital is NOT absolutely exclusively listening to vinyl.  

The whole point of the joke is the way the question is worded it can only be anwsered one way: zero.  

I should have stated this thread as “percentage that prefer vinyl vs digital” but most got my drift. Truth be told, I really totally listen to vinyl. When I spin my 1 CD a day in my office headphone system I am half listening while working.
So, I actually really listen exclusively to vinyl.
And Jay of “My list of amplifiers... “ clearly exclusively listens to digital. He seemingly does not own or want a TT. And most participants in that thread are seemingly like.
There is a cool factor in the younger set choosing vinyl but most, or all, also hear the sonic benefits. I did business with a successful record store in Santa Cruz, CA and know this for a fact. The majority of the customers in this college town were young.