What is that weird noise in the mix of Sympathy For the Devil?

Right channel. Sounds like an oscillator from an amp? Bad tape ?


It's a tape reel. The source used by the radio station has too high a level of resolution

What noise, what radio station, and where in the song is it?


What did you expect from sympathy for the devil? a happy time with great harmonious joy? 🤔😏

Jaggers God-awful singing. 

The song is Sympathy for the Devil. There is no weird noise. There is only the music that came flowing out of these guys for this one lightning bolt of genius.

Reminds me of The Rolling Stones discussion recently. Where my very first post had said, "Sympathy For The Devil, need I say more." Also left a few more posts and laid down another track that I felt was fitting.

Taking into consideration I’m also a die hard Danzig listener speaks volume to this well written song.

Just pure genius indeed


"Bet yo mama don't know you can spread like that"

it was all through the song. 104.3 FM new jersey. 9 Pm .Creek tuner.right channell

i am on the computer and the powered speakers were right in front of me.. Oscillation like a theremin . You didn't here it on their led zep segment The same thing when they played that track the day before (they use the same source:fingerprint!)

I never heard anything odd,about the music. Are you doing alittle weed ?

What a great number! I love the Stones.  Four shows over a fifty year span.

Okay, I get it now. OP is unable to distinguish between the mix, the master, the pressing or copy, the playback, the broadcast, and his system. A common enough problem. This is why so many people think the speaker is so important. They hear the sound obviously coming out of the speaker, nothing else is making any sound, it must be the speaker.

Technically, in order to know for sure it is "in the mix" we would have to have access to the recording studio. Not just the master tape, the studio. Before mix-down. This is the order of things. 

Instead what we have is a radio station, through a Creek, off powered desktop speakers. And I know the marketing department loves to call this kind of thing reference level, but come on!

Going to see them tomorrow in austin. Rock on.

It's Satan, trying  to recruit more baby eating deep state liberals

 Or perhaps it's the Illuminati

Or JFK letting folks know when he is returning






I know who has the original master and I have heard it. The sound is called print through. It happens when the tape is to thin. A common problem with thin tape. 3M made the tape for that master.

Distortion. On a Stones recording. Imagine that.

If you're talking the scraping sound in the left channel, I think it is the shekere that Bill Wyman is credited as responsible for.  It blended in much better on AM radio and then the junky systems we had it college.  On an audiophile system it sounds pretty bad.

That's because Mick has the Stones music mastered to sound best on the 6x9 coaxial in the dash of a 1969 Mustang. Or was it Camaro? Never could keep those straight.

it's from a deteriorating tape. Too many reissues. the new  digitalization is revealing the damage. Go to a classic( i heart) rock station and listen . You'll hear it within 3 


Greatest Rock & Roll song ever written and recorded.  As powerfull today as it was back then.  

...proving yet again there's a downside to SOTA equipment....;)

"I'm hearing 'things' that shouldn't be....😖....."

*Looking up from notepad @ the recumbent theoriginalthor1 on the chaise...*

Mmmm....sounds like you've come down again from those gummies laced with equine 'downers' I warned you about.....here...

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Here's that therapy that's utilizing low dose psychedelics to 'recalibrate' your perceptions of 'what is vs. what ain't'.  Oh, and leave the blue pills alone while you're at it...



It’s all about PRAT ... always has been & always will be ....

Multiple personality disorder helps achieve this goal!

Sometimes ya feel like a nut & sometimes ya don’t.

Btw, where are my damn pictures mister? Send some please. It'll give me good reason to tidy up the system & return fire

Thankfully, again, Miller is able to answer a question in such way that new dimensions of my consciousness illuminated. His written words cause me to rethink the question, and in fact question the very foundations of my beliefs as a person. 

We are fortunate to have such a treasure as him, one more thing to appreciate on Thanksgiving. 

But I have no sympathy for the devil.

*L*  I've vague symp for the devil....always catches even more hell over events not of its' fault, since most is caused by human idiocy...

OTOH, it must be a boon to have ones' work done for you. 

...but I'm just an annoying realist at certain heartless levels. 😏

Chalk it up to a talent for an ability for profound annoyance to the innocent bystanders by the '60s' brain burnt.....;)

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But I ramble on....anon, and on, and on, and on....

(I Really should stop sleeping in with the enema...I mean, Enemy...)

As is heard, waaay too often....

"Please Stand By."

...as if you've a choice.... ;) *L*

....dam’ wierdos’ will be the dearth of us, yet....

Spatterday, towards Stundaze....


I had a 1970 Mach One Mustang and I had a lot of the devil in me back then.



Without probable cause, are such accusations safe ... Piano Man? ;-)

As I sit patiently on this here shelf in standby mode ....

Sly Devil

only this station, this tuner, . other records reveal the same whine but it's under the music. No problems on WABC am!

broadway,sinatra and rat pack , 50-60 oldies OK

Is anything mastered to sound best on a 6×9 coaxial even listenable?

By the way, if you really are the original Thor wouldn't you be just, Thor?


Maybe yes but modded 

I'm so thor that ordinary pain relief doesn't dent it anymore....

Oh, Thor...da guy wid d'hammer, them that complicate what used to be telephone directories that don't exist anymore., useful under the butts of chair'd children...

@dabel ....No accusations are technically safe, mho.  As soon as uttered, j'accuse leads promptly to en garde. which escalates unless capitualion is rendered....

Parties retire to neutral corners, 'bad vibes' still roil and revenge tactics get reviewed, and something eventually hits a fan minding it's own rotations, and it all escalates yet again...

Besides, I sent U a PM. RSVP.

I spent the evening watching the '21 R&R show on HBO and am in too good of a moody mood to get de-centered....


I knew this was fresh from hear #1.....;)

Saw a vid long ago....a flyweight up against a heavy....

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I've just read a book written by Keef, "Gus & Me".  Its very deep.  

C’mon. I fall asleep after a burst of my own bs to wake to this ... shaking my head.

Besides, Thor ain’t got nuttin on Mr Green Lou Ferrigno

Nighty Night!


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Aww hell I can’t remember ;-)

Thank you!