what is star grounding?

heard about this and searched here but no info. could somone explain it to me, and is there a down side. want to solve a hum problem. thanks for your time.

aloha keith
Basically, it is a process of pulling a separate wire for every ground back to a single common grounding point on the chassis. See if this helps explain it:
See, http:/www.aikensamps.StarGround.html. Usually means all grouds to a central point.
Sorry. I don't know aht happened. I can't access it either. I checked it just before posting it. I typed in star ground in my browser and it came up.
For audio frequency equipment a "single point" ground is best. This can be done by "daisy chaining" the grounds around to the single point, or by connecting multiple conductors directly from different parts of the circuitry to the single point. This is called "star" for obvious reasons.

For digital equipment multiple grounds are usually best.
Okay I found it. I'll give it one more try. Aiken amps appears to be a DIY site that gives out all kinds of lay explanations for amplifiers.

I just logged on to the site. If that is still wrong I saved the article and I will get my nephew to show me how to email it to those who are really interested. Sorry for the frustration.

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