What is so terrible about balancing your system ?

It's audiophool lore in my book that you should not buy a piece of equipment to fix whatever you don't find right in your set up. Not all of us caught up in this insanely expensive hobby can afford all the right stuff to get the sound you want the first time around. So if for instance your speakers are a little bright what's wrong with calming them down with a softer piece in the chain. I just did that and it works for me. Seems to me most tube rolling is just that.
So are tone controls!
Nothing wrong with tone controls, graphic EQ, or tube rolling in my book. We all have to be able to live with our systems and music collections, and hopefully get the most enjoyment out of the music as is possible, which is what I think this is all about. So if you have limitations imposed upon what you can afford in terms of componentry, and practical limitations on what you can do to the listening environment, it makes perfect sense to try and balance the various colorations in your system. At the end of the day the system should serve the music, and I'd like to think that that's possible without spending $100k!