What is optimal frequency for front tower loudspeakers for movies/music

Ok, this is my first post. I know as high end goes my mirage os3 fs towers fall way beyond short, but I believe have the potential to sound pretty good. I have my setup in the basement, which is 19'x18' with your usual acoustic tile drop ceiling.  I’m running everything from blu ray to cd to cable set top thru my onkyo pr SC 5508. Pushing my front towers and center mirage omd with an emotiva xpa3 and an xpa5 for all of my surrounds. Also have two andrew jones designed pioneer mk2 8" subs. The audessey setup from the pre amp always sets my fronts at 80hz (THX) but I’m wondering if that giving them more low end to carry than what I really want? I’m just looking to get the best sound I can with what I’ve got to work with. Keep in mind that buying new towers isn't an option at this time. Any ideas?

80 Hz should be fine. What are your alternatives? :)

The only thing you gain by going up is you reduce the power required slightly.  Much higher than 100 Hz and you'll start to be able to hear the subs. That's not what I would worry about at all. Keep your speakers away from the walls for the cleanest sound, and dampen up your floor and walls as much as you can.


Alright, that I can do. Thanks Erik! 
mirage os3 fs
52 Hz - 20 kHz +/- 3dB
As Erik says, around 80hz on the receiver xover to the sub should be about right.

BTW: doesn't the PR-SC5508 have a microphone to do calibration, phasing and eq'ing automatically? As this is very hard to beat, doing by ear is never as good. 

Cheers George
Remember to re-calibrate after  you add room dampening. If you have concrete walls and floor you have your work cut out for you. :)

Mid wall is, the foundation wall and the floor with little carpeting on it but that is something I plan on changing. I thought about making some acoustic panels to put on the walls. And seen some auralex isolation mats for subs to sit on. It sounds good but I think there's always room for improvement.