What is my tonearm??

I have a Basis 2001 with a tonearm that says Basis on it. Was always under the impression it was a Rega tonearm. I have a picture I could send to someone familiar with Basis tonearms.
It is a Rega RB-300.
So Basis Audio used Rega tonearms and labeled them Basis?
Rega OEM's their tonearms for lots of manufacturers, you can find them with the Moth, Michell and Basis names on them; even NAD used the RB250 for a time. There are many others as well I just can't think of them off my head.
Thanks for your knowledge. Are they suitable for my table and cartridge?
I have one also. Basis used to (maybe they still do) sell these with the 2000 and 2001 turntables as an entry level arm. They have a smooth sleeve instead of threads on the outside.

If you want a big upgrade in your sound replace this with a Basis Vector tonearm. It is a drop in replacement. They come up for sale occasionally. I replaced mine with a Basis Vector 3 and the improvement was amazing.

Do not buy a Basis Vector tonearm for the 2200 - 2800 models. You need the low cup model for a 2000 or 2001.
yes, I have the identical table/arm. Works well until you upgrade to a Basis Vector 4 arm, which I just did.
What does suitable mean? They will all fit the existing cutout in your turntable without cutting. They will work well on your turntable.

Are they suitable for the Lyra Clavis? Ask a dozen people and you will get a dozen answers. It wouldn't be my match made in heaven.
I'd say that the RB-300 is probably the weak link with that table. But there are a lot of nice options for tonearms with the Rega geometry. I am a big fan of the Audiomods arms.
You should check with Basis to see if the Vector arm is a good match with you Lyra cartridge. Just send an e-mail with the Lyra specs. I think it should be fine because the weight and compliance of the Lyra is similar to my Shelter 901.
Aren't the rega 250 & 300 typically black? Seems like it looks like a 600??
It looks like the Rega 600 that was on my Rega P-25. You could call or e-mail Basis and ask them. They may need the serial number on your turntable for reference.

A Vector tonearm would be a significant upgrade to the sound of your system and a drop in replacement.
I mounted a Vector 4 with calibrator on my 2001 without problem, although I had to turn the tonearm mount board to get the correct length and contact for the calibrator knob. Is there a different base that I should be using?

I think the base is fine. When I bought my Vector 3, I was also looking at a Vector 4. The box on the Vector 4 said 2200-2800 models. I checked with Basis, and they said those models require a deeper cup than the 2000-2001 models. If you see pictures of both you can see the cup holding the damping fluid is much deeper on the Vector tonearm designed for the 2200-2800 turntables. I do not think the 2200-2800 model would work on your turntable. Mr. Conti said it would not work on mine

You can also check with Basis. Their service and service attitude is great.

Did you hear a significant difference when you changed from the Rega to the Vector tonearm? For me the difference was stunning, in the best way.

Jim Perry