What is My System Worth?

I'd like to sell off the system I've built up over the years that is just fantastic as far as I'm concerned, however I'm not sure what a reasonable price is. Can you help? It consists of: Martin Logan Sequel IIs, Sonic Fronters Line 1 pre-amp, Esoteric-Teac P500/D500 D-A and Transport, and Audio Research D115 (110w tube amp

Thanks, . . . John
I suggest you pay to use the Audiogon Blue Book.
It will give you the approximate range of costs of all of your equipment.
It costs $20 for 30 days.
Certainly well worth your time and money, IMHO.

Good Luck with selling your system, btw!
I agree with Kurt, and I will add that it isnt really proper to ask for info that others pay to have access to, the AGON bluebook is a great tool and is better than gambling on potential bad advice, unless your intention is to get back door offers by posting, in that case just maybe your plan worked.
Whatever someone will pay for it.

I'll start with an offer of $10....oops that is another site isn't it.
To determine your market, you might try an auction with a reserve price or minimum price
I have never used the Audiogon Blue Book, but I have always wondered how they arrived at the "actual" selling price of used gear, since most transactions are actually settled person-to-person. It seems like the best they can do is track the trend in "asking price", which may be useful, or it may not. I suppose it would still provide a starting point.
Local private audio stores often have the Orion Blue book.
Beg them, or pay them to let you see it.
Or if you live in or near a large city, the public library will have one.
Some libraries have a phone service and would answer most simple questions over the phone.
to see what these components sell for currently just run a search of classifieds. If you come accross the same gear you're trying to sell, that should give you an idea what you can get for it. Good luck.
What is 'Fantastic' to you may not be to others, never lose this simple truth.

Your system is worth what one, single buyer is willing to pay for it depending on his motivation, and selling price this may be different (higher or lower) than the ''Orion'' blue book or even previous sales of the same units as you have for sale.

One definite indication is if the product is in relative demand, and if there are many units offered, or just a few.

I know this is basic 101, but I feel it is nevertheless worthwhile advice if you have no clue as to how to go about this.