What is more important ? Need some advice.

I'm running Wadia 301 direct to PS HCA-2 with AU-24 XLR and use P-500 for clean power. For personal reasons, I can't listen to 301 anymore at the recommended volume level, I listen mostly at night with low volume. This is with reducing the voltage level on 301 to the lowest level.

According to 301 manual, use recommended volume level for critical listening. It maintains high resolution even at lowest volume control settings. Do they mean actual volume or output voltage level ?

I don't have space to buy a pre-amp and solve the low volume problem. If I sell P-500 pwr regen, I can make room and buy a pre-amp. I need advice, what is more important, clean power or lose some resolution ?
Try some passive attenuators at the amp that way you can run your 301 at a higher gain. That way you'll have the best of both worlds.
Run the Wadia at full vol and use a passive attenuator, or dump the expensive power cleaner. get a cheap one and the pre.
I would think the passive attenuator would be the best all around choice at this point in time.
If you can afford to sell the power to buy a pre, skip that and buy the passive att.
Thanks for the replies. What type of passive attenuators you think will be the best ? I'll do some search also.
EVS Ultimate attenuators
I'm using a Luminous Audio AXIOM passive unit, and I think it is excellent, particularly for the price. I believe they are $125 brand new. In my opinion, it is a lot easier to use than the EVS attenuators (although the EVS is supposed to sound excellent). Do a search for AXIOM, and you should find the ad.
placette rvc is passive and remote control and is extremely transparent adds virtually no sonic signature.The EVS isn't quite as good but is cheaper and lacks remote also.
Eric, when did you get an AXIOM? I've had one for a few months now and like it a lot.
I would use the Placette, as mentioned above. High quality passive with remote. The EVS hangs on the rca jacks, is inconvenient, ugly and is exposed to RF.

The Wadia needs to be run at full output voltage level-meaning that the signal is not digitally attenuated (by removal of bits/information). This type of attenuation usually results in an edgy grainy more mechanical sound.

As to "clean power" versus "lose some resolution", it depends on how bad your power is. Most high quality cd players already use form of power filtering and some do not recommend one. If your power is already clean I would go for more resolution.
Thanks for all the comments. I'd like to stay with XLR connection as both 301 and HCA-2 are balanced design. I'm thinking about selling P-500 and get the matching PCA-2 and have a balanced system and do something about the power later when things change.
Basically all of you are for better resolution than the power regenerator. Run the Wadia with high volume whether its through a pre-amp or using attenuation.

I've decided to sell the P-500 and get a pre-amp and go back to pwr regen later when I've more space to accomodate that.

Thank you all very much to help me make up my mind.