What is hifiheaven.com?

I ran an add on Audiogon a couple of weeks ago. My item sold very quickly, marked as such on Audiogon.
After being labled sold I was still getting a couple of buyers e-mailing me.The last one I responded to, I mentioned add was marked "sold". He e-mailed back to say it was not marked sold on hifiheaven.com. Huh? I had never heard of them, but sure enough there was my add. At the bottom of the page was Audiogon trademark. What's up with this?
We have been working in partnership with HifiHeaven.com, to provide extra exposure to Audiogon sellers' ads. This has been experiment of sorts, to see if there were benefits to reaching buyers that normally do not visit Audiogon. We are currently displaying classifieds ads on their website.

Apparently, the "sold" tags have not been carrying over. Our programmers will be investigating.

I think as a matter of professional courtesy that Audiogon should get permission before listing a members add on another site. Beyond the professional courtesy I think there are also legal obligations.

We have an obligation to Audiogon and Audiogon members; it is my opinion that Audiogon has an obligation legal or other wise to let the members know how their listings are being used. No matter how good the intentions, there is a contract between Audiogon and each member for each add. Members pay for that service. Ads should not be used or listed elsewhere without the knowledge and permission of the listing member.

This situation could be easily addressed if Audiogon amended their agreement with its members, as long as the member agrees.

It is not my intention to attack Audiogon. I do feel that an open line of communication is always good for everyone. Audiogon seems to have dropped the ball on this one.

Just my thoughts on this matter
Hey Audiogon !!!!!!!! I think that was a great idea to link are adds to another audio site. Keep up the good work
well said Stealth....

i place ads here because I feel the readership here is more informed about what I am selling...

I do not know much about hifi heaven....but suppose they cater towards a more mid fi, ebay clientele....this means I get more dumb questions, more tire kickers, more of the things I do not want. I guess what Im saying, you dont want to park your Ferrari with a FOR SALE sign in the WAl MART parking lot, you be better off parking it in front of Neiman Marcus.
Why would you look a gift horse in the mouth? I am not sure about your cash flow for audio gear, but in most case's in order for me to advance up the ladder, I need to sell off what ever it is that I am looking to replace, and if it means getting more people from other web sites to be able to view my listing for sale then that is a plus for what ever it is I am selling. I have one golden rule in sales and maybe you might want to take note.

"Never Pre Judge Any Buyer/Looker From Any Walk Of Life"

And to comment on the Mid-Fi buyers!!!!

Were you not a Mid-Fi buyer at one point in your life ??
(I am sure you were, we all were) So why close the door to other audio listeners who are on there way up the scale as well.. Think about it, Someone took the time with you when you were out kicking tires...

Keep up the good work Audiogon