What is happening with Furman's product line

i'm looking to purchase a moderately priced power conditioner. The Furman elite line has repeatedly come up in these forums. and are available from many online sources. So I visited Furman's website for more information an behold no mention of this line or of any other product line mentioned. I finally found them listed under the sites "Discontinued products " as was almost every other Furman product mentioned. I've found nothing about this on the web. Anyone know what happened?
I went to Furmansound http://www.furmansound.com/product.php?div=02&id=IT-REF_20i
And all the same big conditioners are there..
I have no idea where you went looking...
Furman still is making conditioners.
Try PSaudio
I found the Furman Elite products okay. Look under the home theater tab.
I agree with 68pete above that you should look at PS Audio. I suggest you consider the PS Audio Dectet Power Center ($500). See: