What is good speaker match for Rowland 112 Amp ???

I currently have B&W Nautilus 804's and the sound seems rather on the shrilly side. My preference is to keep the amp and let go of the speakers. Could it be the Tara Lab speaker wire. Something is not right. Any ideas?
What's the rest of the system?
Sounds like a revealing system, and a lot of CD is shrilly in the first place. More details please.
TAKE OUT ANY SILVER!! If you have any silver any where get rid of it and a lot of your problems will go away, other wise as stated above let us know what the rest of your rig conisists of.
My Rowland Concentra II (112 amp) sounds fabulous with Nestorovic 5ASMKIV speakers with silver speaker cable (stranded), solid was not a good match, and has made great music with the Aerial 10T speakers. Jallen
We should be aware of the rest of the components in your system before making suggestions, this would be helpful. I feel that the wrong cables, whether silver or copper can make things much worse. Some copper cables sound brighter than others and the same principal applies to silver. Silver cables as a rule will reveal and resolve almost all of the good and bad in a system; this does not mean you should rule out the possibilty of using silver but it does mean you should research, listen and decide which cables sound the best within your budget, in your system.
Judging soley upon your amplifier and present speakers, I'd like to suggest Dunlavy SC4A's or Proac Response 2.5.


The remaining components include Sonic Frontiers Line 2 pre and Phono 1 pre along with Music Hall MMF-7 TT. The cd player at the moment is a marantz dvd player. I suspect much of the problem starts here, although I have tried several cd players on demo,`including one of the better arcam players and sound is still on the bright side.
You're right, the cd player is a big problem. I would recommend attacking that first, then worry about the speakers. Try a Rega Planet 2000 or Jupiter 2000, they are definitely on the warm-not shrilly side. Keep the speakers until you have optimized the rest of the system; they are relatively neutral and will give you a good indication of where you are going. If you really want warm speakers, the first choice is Vandersteen, just be warned that warm gets annoying eventually as well (and also masks the other changes you are making in the system).