what is going price of an Audio research LS-12

Was recomended that I look into an Audio Research LS-12 preamp, I was thinking of looking for a black one...anypne know what they are valued for in todays marketplace?
Google ARCDB the Audio Research fan page.
Then find line pre
In those the LS12 was list $2,500 to $3,000 over its life.
It was introduced in 2000.
So i would say a fair price for one would be LESS than 50% of list. as it never was a big deal in the lineup.
So $1,200 to $1,400 max for a perfect one with original box (that box is worth $75)
A good deal would be $900.
For comparo I bought a $2,500 ARC Phono PH-2 list $2,500 for $750. a fair price for it.
And I bought a SP-15 list $6,000 for $1,500 here. a near steal price.
So LESS then 50% of list would be a fair price, and less than that typical.
Only the recent ARC and certain 'famous' items get better asking prices. The Sp-3 SP-10 Sp-11, Sp-9mk3 and the later LS 27 etc get big money in ARC preamps. the Sp-10 is getting more than original list.
thanks Elizabeth I did not know how to do that, that is very helpful, really appreciate this
The used average selling price on Audiogon is $1330 which is a bit high (it's averaged over a long time) and the last sold for $1090.
The LS12 was the solid state version of the LS16, very similar sounding with better bass.