What is going on

The prices that sellers are asking for speakers and equipment is stupid.. What is going on?.. Is there no shame? 5 year old equipment and the asking price is 250.00 less than new retail price.. This can't just be me... Why buy used?.. I don't get it..
An even better question than about what sellers are asking is what people are buying/paying. Agon blue book price charts should have that information.

Obviously, people will not buy used unless there is value in doing so.
Blue book is only a guide. There are listing costs paypal and shipping costs involved also. If you don't like used, pay retail. 250.00 less than what? Something that sold for 300.00 or 30,000.00 I just sold 2 subs 7 months old and actually made 8.00 dollars profit. I kept them mint and the buyer is happy, because he knows he'll never replace them for what he paid. I got a good deal and passed it on.
Just like any other market; Whatever you have is worth whatever someone is willing to pay for it. What's asked is just a starting point. If it's worth too much to you; you get to keep it.
"If it's worth too much to you; you get to keep it."

Great line!!! Gotta remember that one.
A seller is allowed to ask whatever price they want, it is their item, and they do not have to sell it. Some are just testing the waters, they don't really want to sell, but they will if the price is right. I've done this myself on occasion. It all depends on how serious and/or motivated the seller and/or the buyer are. Some buyers offer ridiculously low prices, there are threads about that too. It's all just part of the game, no big deal.
Agree with above comments. Though I have recently noticed many more items at much higher prices, often from new sellers...
Some on Audiogon are listing prices that aren't true. A Parasound A-21 with a list price of $2500 new, when the actual price new is $2300(April 1st it will increase to $2500). I have always sold equipment at a great price and don't understand the need to lie about the list price of an item. The sad truth is, if you do a little research you can get new items cheaper or for close to the asking price of some of the gear on Audiogon.
No doubt there are those out there who view Audiogon and audiophiles who frequent the site as the place most likely to get top dollar for whatever it is they might be selling, especially if the useless "high end" label can be applied, and less commonly found on the open market where pricing tends to take care of itself best.

If fair and reliable pricing of safer and more common products is the goal, one is much better of in general dealing with ebay auctions, where there is a larger and demographically broader group of consumers that help to establish value of used gear over time.

I have used both as a buyer to good effect. Ebay only as a seller so far and I have found that works out well in most cases if done right.
I've bought and sold stuff for years...I have come out ahead on most things and that's fun. I've also not made anything on some stuff, which is less fun but part of the world in which we live. As is whining, apparently.
I must be doing something very wrong. I've lost tens of thousands of dollars selling beautiful, almost new, kit for, generally, around 50-60 % of retail. No matter how new, or how "low hours", I usually get killed on what I re-coup. So, some peeps are actually making money selling used? Did not know that.
Don't know where you are getting your numbers, but IMO most of what really sells goes for about 50-60% of original MSRP. That's what I expect to pay, maybe a bit more if it's near new and vary much in demand, but otherwise 50%. I have bought and sold quite a lot of gear at that price!
Another thing happening is dealers are trying to sell new stock here.
So if you just look at prices, Yes plenty of near retail prices because they are new. And being sold as new by dealers.
Only made money on guitars I'd bought at a nice discount and sold years later...hifi gear generally was bought used in the first place. I keep what I like for a long time. Hence, a lack of whining.
Asking and getting are two hugely different things.

At first glance, thought this was a thread about Marvin Gaye,
but that would be "What's Going On".
If it's worth too much to you; you get to keep it.
Agree, great line!!...+1 for Rodman99999...?...does that make him Rodman100000?

As far as the original question, just see it as a typical marketplace. Buyer always wants the bottom dollar, and seller always wants the top dollar, however price is generally determined by supply and demand, and this is always changing. From a seller's point of view, if the product is highly desirable, rarely comes up for sale, and sells quickly when it is available, why not start at a higher price? You can always accept a lower price. If I put something up for sale, then it sold in 5 minutes at asking price, and also received many other emails wanting to buy, I'm thinking, I left money sitting on the table. Then if you want to sell something, and there are others already available, starting high is useless, and Rodman's comment applies. For the buyers that are always whining about prices, the old saying comes to mind, "If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch, and don't bark when they come by."
I believe that a lot of the high asking prices are from newbies that have an inflated perceived value of their items. It's almost comical to see similar items in similar condition being sold simultaneously from different sellers with wildly differing asking prices.
The status quo is demo gear >33% off retail and used gear >50% off. There are always exceptions when regarding supply/demand.
Just start a Lowballer section on here, where a fair, reasonable or intelligent offer will be ignored. # 10 condition and higher only please.

Polk432, when an email offer is received, all you need is an option to click on, "Lowballer" and the sender receives this reply.
Twb2 is correct,used gear generally sells for 50% of its new price. But lets keep its real, some of the asking prices I see on Audiogon lately are extremely inflated, as if the seller was trying to retire soon after the sale. Items that are familiar to most of us members that have been active for the past few years have noticed that these items are priced much higher than they used to be. Here is my advice, you want to sell in these tougher economic times try asking a more sensible price.
Also I believe that Unsound is correct and the newbies also contribute to inflated prices by their own perceptions.
So what Phd? Sure, there are high ball sellers and low ball buyers. That is not just Audiogon, or this hobby, that is life in general. The seller is allowed to ask whatever they want, and a buyer is free to offer whatever they choose. I guess there have been enough threads about lowball buyers, so a thread about highball sellers is due I suppose. The bottom line is as a buyer, you cannot make the seller offer what you want at your price anymore than the seller can make the buyer pay what he wants. So what is the point?

What is going on? Life. Nothing new here.
Jmcgrogan2, yes that is true, the seller can ask whatever
they want, don't mean they will get it. Most rational
thinkers will do their homework before making a purchase.
How many times have you seen an older item selling for
almost the new price, add a few more dollars and get it
brand new with warranty. One time I purchased a power cord
(quite a while ago) for three hundred, found out afterwards
I could of bought it brand new for the same price, it was at
that point I realized and embrace the saying "Buyer

I have always been reasonable about my asking price, wanting
to pass on a good deal to someone else, even if I lose a few
dollars along the way. But it is a little unsettling when
your selling for fourth of the new retail price and an offer
comes in for half that. Never the less I still have faith in
Audiogon for selling & buying and its membership.

Look out for Craigslist at times. Purchased a side by side
refrigerator from a lady who lived in a very nice estate,
had people remodeling her home when I arrived. Asked her to
plug it in, she said she didn't have a receptacle close. But
stated she was very honest, it worked, and it only takes one
bad apple to spoil the bunch. Her workers even loaded the
fridge up for me. Got it home, didn't even get cold, tried
calling but she kept hanging up. She was easy to get hold of
during the sale but impposible to reach afterwards.

Phd, I'm not advocating for highball sellers, anymore than I would support lowball buyers. Yes, any seller can ask any price, it does not mean it will sell, just as any buyer can offer any price, it does not mean they will buy. It's all about how serious the seller and/or buyer are about the act of selling or buying.

Some sellers ask too much money, their fate, they are stuck with their item unless they get lucky. Some buyers offer too little money, their fate, they do not get the item unless they get lucky. I think that the vast majority of deals are made somewhere in between the crazy highball asking prices and the crazy lowball offers.
I don't lowball .. But asking price should be fair .. I seldom ask for something less than the asking price.. Maybe free shipping or split .. It just depends .. This is not whining .. It's an observation .. Been a member since 2000.. Have bought and sold lots of equipment ... On audio ton... Have met a lot of great people.. Maybe it's like someone else said..new folks .. I don't know .. 

I keep finding stuff at fair prices simply by casual looking around until something fits…just got a great REL sub for a second system that way, and can very easily ignore things I consider overpriced…you have to know the market, but any true audio freak should.
Well that could be an over-generalization. I advertised a 2 yr gold pair of Magico S5’s in premium gloss titanium in 9/10 condition on this site at 50% off retail, and all I heard were crickets. I sold the speakers on another website to a good buyer who knew the speakers. Seems there are plenty of genuine sellers, but not enough willing buyers around here..