What is exact Snell E/II exact stock woofer?

I am helping a friend assemble his first 'high end' system, and found him a pair of Snell E/IIs without woofers or woofer remains. Snell wants $165.00 for one woofer. The original should be about half that price from madisound if I could find the original 8" VIFA(?) driver model number. Can anyone help me on this?
Hello Seamus- I believe the woofers for the E II are a Becker model, long obselete. If you send an exact description of the speaker system to Madisound (I would suggest you include the eficiency, claimed frequency range, crossover point, exact dimensions of the woofer, dimensions of the cabinet, dimensions of the port, manufacturer's recommended power linmits, as a minimum) they will almost surely be able to find a replacement which, though not the same as the original, will perform beautifully. Good luck.
The woofer number is vifa M21WN-09/08. These are no longer in production. The closest to it in specs are the P21WO-20 for sale at Partsexpress for 58.50 each. The only difference is the new woofer is an 8 ohm woofer and the old is a 4 ohm woofer.
Then the original E and E II must not use the same woofer. My Vifa from my original is m21wn-07 4 ohm 504. Can anybody verify the original and II use different woofers?
My EII's woofers are Vifa M21WN-7 4ohm. From the looks of the rot and discoloration of the sticker, I'm going to say they are original. However I cannot be 100% certain as I am not the original owner.

Also, keep in mind that Snell made changes which can sometimes be linked depending on production-s/n's. The Vifa's mentioned above may have been available during the time of the original post, but will all likely be Seas if replacements are bought though Snell.

The good news is that last I checked, they are still servicing and may actually be able to answer drivers used in production depending on your personal s/n. The price isn't low, but they are still testing these drivers to the master and mailing a replacement inductor with each driver.