what is everybody listening to right now

I wasn't really sure where to post this so here goes. What cds ( as I do not currently listen to vinyl ) are people spinning in their ssytems. (heavy rotation) Currently I have been Chris Cornells (one l or two I can't remember) solo recording "euphoric morning"
Right now I am listening to Berlioz "Le Carnaval Romain - Symphonie Fantastique". Before that I was listening to Lou Reed "Perfect Night Live in London" but my wife made me take it off. It's still morning in LA. What types of music do you prefer? We listen to a wide variety in our home.
In heavy rotation: Sonny Rollins(theme from the movie "Alfie"), Martin Sexton(The American), Lucinda Williams(Car Wheels On A Gravel Road), Sade(Best Of), The Allman Brothers Band(a compilation), Patricia Barber(Cafe Blue), and AS ALWAYS Miles Davis(Kind Of Blue).
For me it is the Radiohead's new ' Kid A'. Not really an audiophile recording, but the music is mesmerizing, top quality. Other recently added for heavy rotation is the Lucinda williams(Car wheels...) after I read some post saying that he uses track 7 and 12 as reference. I don't know about track 7 but 12 certainly a reference material. An oh all those diffrent guitars on this disc! And for a year or so I was listening to this CD in the garage boom box(Denon micro system, no less. Beautiful electric and acaustic guitar work throught the disc. One of the player is steve earle! Other than that most listening sessions starts with selection from Mapleshade recording reinforcing faith every time followed by a classical cd/s.
Richard Thompson 'Mock Tudor' on Bong Load heavy vinyl (also available on CD I'm sure), can't recommend this one highly enough. Also Elliott Smith 'Figure 8' also on Bong Load. More brilliance from this guy (IMHO).
Nilthepill-- I suspect it was me that recommended "Car Wheels....", trks #7 and #12 'cuz I do use them as references. The vocals on trk#7 seem "distant", but the rest of the trk has great soundstaging with instruments and percussion exploding all over the place. I agree that the whole CD is excellent. Lately I've been listening to a lot of Shirley Horn's ballads, Cowboy Junkies "The Caution Horses", and "The Studio sessions" CDs, and all Dave Hole's CDs-- hard driving blues/rock with great slide guitar (electric)-- not everybody's thing, but I think he's great. Dave Hole is for real! Cheers. Craig.
Radiohead-"kid A" Coil-"musik to play in the dark" Burnt Friedman-"con ritmo" Morton Feldman-"crippled symetry"
Peter Green = Hot Foot Powder, Emmy Lou Harris = Red Dirt Girl, Steve Earle = Transcendental Blues, Patrica Barber = Nightclub
Pink Martini-Sympathique, Louis Armstrong & Duke Ellington-The Great Summit/The Master Takes:one of the best re-issues I've heard. The opening track, Duke's Place will get you up on your feet. Incredible bass, bopping piano, and Satchmo...Patricia Barber-Blue Cafe (HDCD), Clapton-Unplugged, The Famous Sound of three blind mice (TBM XRCD Sampler), Roxy Music, Talking Heads, Bob Marley and The Wailers, Narada World:A Global Vision, Mozart, Beethoven, Vivaldi and The Rolling Stones.
Tchaikovsky's 6th Symphony with Mravinsky/Leningrad PO, and Brahms 2nd PC by countless different pianists. (Thank God for vinyl) I saw someone mentioned the love of my life, Shirley Horn. I've written her numerous times, asking if I could polish her piano pedal pushing pumps after every performance, but all I've gotten in return was a restraining order from some judge in Boise Idaho. BTW, You're all invited to discuss music of all types down in Music Lane at the Audio Asylum. We have comfortable, and very private guest cottages (24 hour massage service available, that is of course, if we haven't been raided) for any visitors who decide to extend their stay. The ML Express bus is an inexpensive way of getting there, but unless you have have some interesting phone numbers to add to it's stall's walls, I'd advise you not to use the bus depot's mens room. Hope you all can drop in on us, sit a spell, and have some fun while sharing your favorite music.
Clapton/BB King Driving w/the King, Lyle Lovett and his BB, Joni Mitchell Miles of Aisles (HDCD remaster, awesome). I've always liked Lucinda Williams, I'll have to check out Car Wheels.
Mostly Acid Jazz, Mr Electric triangle, No Se, Skunkhour,Etc. Also imported Japanese fusion especially "Mobo" by Kazumi Watanabe. DMP, Telarc, and Mapleshade recordings,(Various artists).But mostly Acid Jazz!
Garfish, Thanks a lot for the ' Car wheels..' tip. I will have to check out the blues CD that you suggested.
I am in love with Allison Moorer. Seriously. Someone needs to take this CD out of my machine, and burn the CD picture cover, before I become a major stalker.
Definitely have to agree with the praise for 'Kid A.' Also listening to Yo La Tengo's 'And then nothing turned itself inside out' and 'I can feel the heart beating as one.' They put on a great live show, too. Aimee Mann's 'Bachelor No. 2' sounds very good, too.
New cd by Christian McBride featuring David Gilmour of Pink Floyd fame. Gilmour is surprising nimble and quick and is featured on 4 songs of the cd. Dkuipers...the Roomlens have worked out well. By the way, the cd is called "Sci-Fi". Tim
Yes, Talmadge3, You are right on the Aimee Mann's ' Bachelor no.2 ' Great songs, especially 10,11,12 tracks. Wish the recording quality was little better, that is why it spinning in the car. The record of the month ' The red girl' however is a disappointment. Is good but not fit to be ROTM IMHO.
Embarrassing to say, but I have been listening and relistening to the studio songs on Tori Amos, "Venus Orbiting" for weeks now. I was not much of a fan of Tori Amos in the past, but I am completely impressed by her singing and composing here and especially by the recording and mixing done at Martian Engineering, in Cornwall, England, and I wish more popular CDs were produced like this. The recording mixes female vocals, acoustic piano, with a rock rhythm ensemble, and alot of strange sounds that are flown in at different points. The vocals are reproduced very directly, with alot of sibilants and breathing, and lip sounds. The time delay and reverb processing and the different phase-shift treatments are ex-orbital--like the sounds that you would expect from a satellite circling Venus or Mars. Does anyone know what equipment Martian Engineering uses?
Etta James, "Life, Love, and the Blues." Mark Knopfler "Golden Heart." "Twightlight of the Gods, The Essential Wagner Collection." "music by Ry Cooder." Jimmy Buffet "White Sportcoat and a Pink Crustacean" (MoFi). Soundtrack from "Waking Ned Devine." Everything by Lyle Lovett, (it will show off your soundsytem {or its limitations} better than anything, IMHO.) I would love to hear back if any of these suggestions work for your listening enjoyment, take care. Charlie
Right this minute 10:02 EST. Im listening to my mint vinyl copy of Sgt.Pepper(Japanese) Thanks to e-Bay its the best $16 I ever spent!
Hi Danvetc; Yep, Etta James, "Life, Love, and the Blues" is one of my favorites-- also Mark Knoppfler's "Golden Heart". My daughter is a BIG Lyle Lovett fan, and I like some of his music. Cheers. Craig.
Right now I am listening to Dudley Moore "Songs Without Words". Before that I was listening to Lou Reed "Perfect Night Live in London" but my wife made me take it off. It's very late at night in LA. We listen to a wide variety of music in our home. Not much Lou Reed though.
Any selection of John Lee Hooker, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan "Time out of Mind", Classic Yes, Cowboy Junkies "Miles from our Home", Tracey Chapman "Crossroads", Eric Clapton "24 nights", Widespread Panic and Sheryl Crow all in heavy rotation.
Jean Danton's "American Dreamer" and Paul Simon's latest... isn't Pigs, Sheep and Wolves an incredibly good song?
Los Super Seven, Gillian Welch's 'Revival,' Habib Kiote, Lyle Lovett's 'Joshua Judges Ruth,' the Mavericks 'Super Collosal Smash Hits of the Nineties,' Janis Ian 'Breaking Silence'
agree with subaruguru re:p simon's latest. it's on my playlist, too. along with the latest from rickie lee jones & willie nelson (milk cow blues). also been playing the super tribute album to bill monroe, called "big mon." fabulous sound and performances,
Jacqueline DuPre Dvorak Cello Concerto on EMI. Just discovering her. Highly recommended.
As to the Chris Cornell solo recording cited by "Emily," I seem to recall reading somewhere that he was exploring/taking particular pains in an effort to produce a recording of exceptional sound quality. I haven't heard "Euphoric Morning," but I am curious as to whether there is anything special going on there---production-wise. I like rock and in my younger days that was pretty much all that I listened to. But rarely do I come across any new material that is truly well-produced, i.e., that sounds really good when played back on a quality sound system. Currently in heavy rotation are: Al DiMeola - "Orange and Blue," & "Kiss My Axe" (somewhat oldies but exceptional goodies). Elianne Elias - "Plays Jobim" & "Everything I Love," McCoy Tyner "with Stanley Clarke and Al Foster" - this Telarc DSD CD release is the absolute tops in production quality among all my recent acquisitions. Gives you that you-are-there/musicians are in-your room kind of experience. Lyle Mays - "Solo Improvisations for Expanded Piano."
Lately I've been frequently revisiting Ray Charles and Cleo Laine's fantastic collaboration on "Porgy and Bess". Also digging Bill Evans on "Waltz for Debby" (live at the Village Vanguard). Those are LPs. On CD, I've been listening to Ruben Gonzalez' CD (the terrific pianist from Buena Vista Social Club fame). Waiting for rotation time is Rickie Lee Jones' new CD -- I want to be able to devote my attention to it. Also, recently I've spun George Clinton's "Hey Man, Smell My Finger." It's not in heavy rotation -- I just love seeing the title of that CD!
Last couple of days bought couple of new CD's which are now heavy rotation, With KID A still thrown in. ' Riding with the King' By Eric clapton and B.B.king and Joni Mitchell's ' Both sides now'. Both very good CD'S with sound quality and musicall qual quite up there like Sterephile 4.5 stars. Joni Mitchell almost sounds like one of earlier James Bond movie theme. Her Voice is ceratinly endearing eventhough rough around the edges. While Riding with the King a perfect Uplifting Blues CD. Both highly recommended.
I am doing a lot of listening to Dave Weckl Band and Charlie Hunter. In case you are not familier with them, Weckl is an excellent jazz drummer and Hunter plays 8 string jazz guitar. 3 bass strings and 5 lead strings on the same guitar. He is incredible. You would swear there was a lead and a bass guitarist playing. Check him out!
Leila Pinheiro: Na ponta da lingua, John Hassell: Fascinoma, Chieftains: Long Black Veil, Steve Hackett: Watcher of the Skies, Guillou: Pictures at an Exhibition/Three Dances Petrouchka.
Slawney- I don't know what equiptment they use, but as owner of all Tori Amos' stuff I can tell you that some of her earlier stuff sounds even better than her latest one. Also in the same vein and better recorded is Fiona Apple's "And When the Pawn......"
One of my favorites this year is the group Switchblade Symphony who sound like gothic trip hop/rock music. If you take the truly excellent Massive Attack "Mezzanine" album sound and add to it a gothic theme you have "Three Calamities" the third album by Switchblade Symphony, also recommended is their first album Serpentine Gallery......Issabre since you love "mezzanine" you must check this group out. Saw this group by accident when I went to Clan of Xymox concert (also one of my favorites) and I was mezmorized by their sound, Sam
Huun-huur-tu and Angelites together singing the "Fly, away my sadness". Huun-hur-tu is group of throatsingers from Tuva (central Asia, and "Angelites" is Bulgarian "folklor" singers! I wrote short "thought" on the Amazon.com "customer review" about this CD!
The best of Miss Peggy Lee. And before that a free CD from Barnes and Noble "Women of Song" which includes two cuts by Omara Portuondo of Buena Vista Social Club fame.
I think that Eldragon wins the honors so far with Huun-Huur-Tu. I went right to Amazon.com after reading his writeup and look forward to hearing a style of music that is new to me.
Yeah, I'm right there with all those "KID A" fans, a brilliant record. Others in heavy rotation: the new Greg Brown, the new Louise Talyor "Written in Red" - one of the best folk records in a couple of years in my opinion, "Seven Steps to Heaven" - Miles Davis japenese import CD, Herbie Hancock "Maiden Voyage" RVG reissue, Elliot Smith XO, plus a lot of Brazilian stuff that I will post later for fear of butchering the names of some great artists.
Since the new Cowboy Junkies CD "Waltz Across America" came out (10/11/00), I can't seem to get it out of my transport. It's presently only available at www.cowboyjunkies.com Cheers. Craig.
Forever Tango "The Eternal Dance" with Lisandro Adrover. Not the best recording but some "Nice Tango". Also "For the Love of Ella Fitzgerald" two CD set from Verve/PolyGram and "Blown to Smithereens" the best of. All from a thrift shop and mint for three dollars, a potlicker's delight.
dated material sounds great, but as another poster said, "...good systems make great recordings sound great, great systems make all recordings sound great". mike
Patricia Barber's latest (after Companion), and Eric Bibb's latest called Roadworks. Garfish, really glad to see you have discovered the riches Shirley Horn offers.
"might as well" & "frankly acapella," both by the persuasions. really great tribute albums.
Beneath The Country Underdog by the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, Kelly Hogan, just mesmerizing country-folk with a beautiful voice, virtually a perfect ten !; Sera Una Noche by a group of Argentine musicians is an unbelievable 24/96 recording; Suerte by Abed Azrie for fantastic ancient Spanish/Flamenco/ARab songs & guitars; The Raven by Rebecca Pidgeon is a disc I just can't get eneough on; I robot by Alan Parsons on 24/96 Audio DVD; as well as some recent cuban music follow-ups on The Buena Vista Social Club. I also regularly listen to classical and Jazz classics such as Sonny Rolling and Miles Davis. Just wish I had more time and a better room !
"The Great Fantasy Adventure Album", themes from ElCid, Hook, Jurassic Park, Robin Hood, Henry V, Willow, The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad, The Abyss, Clash of the Titians, The Rocketeer, Beetlejuice, Total Recall, Wizards and Warriors, Conan the Barbarian and The Hunt for Red October all performed by the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra -w- Erich Kunzel - very good Orchestra IMO. It plays on both stereo and surround sound systems and is marked "Spatializer". 1994 Telarc.
Cure - Bloodflowers; Under the Sun - s/t; Pink - Can't Take Me Home; lined up: Kinks - Low Budget; Laika - Good Looking Blues; ...oh, wait, never mind, Battlebots is on! (-: