What is DTS and how different from SACD 5.1/DVD-A

O.K. I am cosidering the plunge into multi channel..for my kids...and to see for myself. What is DTS? How is it different from SACD or DVD-A multi channel? What type of player and playback do you need for it? Is it another format?...boy just what we need.
DTS is an acronym for Digital Theater Systems. Regarding multichannel sound, it's a system of compression and delivery of 6 channels* of audio via DVD-Video that uses less compression than the Dolby Digital soundtrack that is required on every DVD-V. Data-transfer rates for DTS peak at, I believe, c. 1.5megabits (Mb, not MB which is megabytes which is 8 times as much) per second compared with DD's c. 400Mb/s.

DTS is the premium, high-quality choice for DVD-Vs but NOT for DVD-As or SACDs, altho the former may have DTS (and/or DD) 5.1-channel soundtracks which enable the DVD-A to be played on DVD players which do NOT play DVD-As.

Don't restrict multichannel audio to just your kids; my multichannel audio/video system was a 2-channel audio system that then got 3.1 channels added to it and sounds GREAT with the multichannel classical stuff I have.

* Five full-range channels plus a Low-Frequency-Effects channel.
DTS is just another flavor of audio for DVDs--that is, video DVDs. Like Dolby Digital (and MP3s), it uses lossy compression (i.e., low resolution). These days, I think most AV receivers can read both DTS and DD soundtracks, so you're covered.

DVD-A and SACD are high-resolution audio-only formats. Completely different beasts, for which you need a DVD player that can read either, or both.
one article I read said: DTS regards the compression for the rear/surround channel information, it is higher quality than other compression schemes available.
For a good description go to dtsonline.com.