what is difference of klipsch cornwall II & mkII ?

can anybody tell me difference of klipsch cornwall II & cornwall mkII is about what ?
is there anyone who heard both ? & pleas if you know
tell me how much was each orig price in 80' or 90'.
i heard cornwall mkII is moor expencive than cornwall II ?
is it correct?
thank so in advance
I believe the original Cornwalls were made up until 1985, then the Cornwall II's were made until the early 90's, I think. Now they have the Cornwall III's, which are much more expensive. Don't think there is any difference between Cornwall II and Cornwall Mk II. I own a pair of Cornwall II's, from the first year of their production. They are great speakers. They usually go used (depending on their condition, of course) anywhere between $600 and $1500. I think in the last year or so they have averaged between $900 and $1200 on this site.
The original Cornwalls, and Klipsch Heritage speakers were constructed from cabinet grade plywood (much better than the crap Home Depot sells). I believe the current Klipsch Heritage models that are still being made (Khorn, LaScala and Cornwall) are built with MDF and are slightly heavier. The drivers have changed over the years, as have the Crossover (parts and design). The older midrange horns used to be made from metal and are now made from plastic. The original Cornwall was probably made entirely in the USA. The new Klipsch is outsourced, probably from various countries - I bought a replacement driver for an older Klipsch and the replacement was made in Mexico. How does all that effect the sound? I have no opinion as I only have experience with the older Klipsch Hertitage speakers. Check over on the Klipsch forums. If I were choosing for myself, I'd buy an older one and tweak it out. They're wonderful speakers for the money and with the right amplification, especially with a bit of tweaking and parts replacement.
Thank everybody
Are they good in fast,complex music so ?
Or what about Dynamic & Separation ?
You will not get better dynamics, both loud and soft, than with horn speakers, this is one of their greatest virtues. They also image and soundstage very well, and are good for any type of music. There is a thread probably about a month old or more on the high efficiency asylum where many different people wrote about why they consider horns the best speaker type. I would suggest looking that one up - I'm not good at providing links, etc., so I won't try.
is Heresy so far from Cornwall ?
& What is the original price of Heresy ?
I think they sell new of it about $700 ?
The terminal of Heresy seems very tiny & may be week!