What is difference between Aerial Model 5 & 5B ?

Aerial is showing a model 5B on its websight, but it only has the specs on the model 5, does anyone have any info on this new model, I am looking to use them for rear speakers, I have Aerial 8B's and a cc3B center,I was wondering if the model 5B would be a good match for the 8B's, thanks
I think they went to a ported design on the 5B? The 5's are sealed (unique in the aerial line). I have some 5's they are stunning, in some ways the best of the line. For surrounds, Id think the SR3 would be a better choice though. Any of their line matches the others very well.

have fun,
I took a pair of Aerial 5 home for a week and then ordered a pair for purchase. The ones that came were 5b. The grille construction is different (pin-mounted vs magnet), the tweeter looks different, the midrange could also be. They are not ported. After a month of break in they sound wonderful.