what is DC leakage? Can it rip my Revel M20?

I just bought a pair of Revel M20. After 10 minutes of play (not loud), I noticed one of the woofer, the rubber seal start to get ripped. At that time, I was using an acurus A100 amplifier with an acurus act3. I cant recall if the M20 had the rip before I play or not. So I wonder if this is caused by DC leakage from my AMP? if so, how do I measure or find out? Since then, I got that woofer replaced and now I have the speakers hook to my other (dedicated) system and everything is OK. I am afraid to hook them to the previous system. I still have the A100 but not the ACT3. I know it is not the ACT 3 since I used it before without incidents. The A100 is brand new (and is the first time I plug in). Could it be the DC leakage or something else from the AMP? I would like to find out if my AMP is still OK. Any help is appreciated.
...only internally it will burn the voice coil eventually.
not too soon though but depending on the level of DC going form the amp.
Check with regular voltmeter at the binding posts of amp possibly hooked up to dummy load resistor (could be 10...20W and 10Ohms).
See if you can get someone to help you measure for a DC voltage on the speaker terminals of the amp. If there is none present, it was a coincidence.