What is David Bowie's turntable?

After the passing of this great artist I have been listening to a lot of vinyl again, including his jazzy and brilliant Blackstar.

It got me to thinking what kind of turntable we would find in his home.

I can imagine a Gyrodec, given its charming form (Steve Jobs also had a Gyrodec). But I can also picture the Thin White Duke with a Thorens Reference. Given how avant garde he was a pitch black object from outer space, like a Technics SP10 in OMA Tourmaline plinth would also be so fitting.

Apologies for a somewhat trivial post, but it is my way of paying tribute to DB and also indulging in some pleasant daydreaming.

Rumors have it that it is a Pink Triangle, not that there is anything wrong with that. 
Pink Triangle? What a coincidence - I used to have one, loved it and so much miss it! Bowie astounds me at every turn......

Historical significance and relevance to DB of Raymonda's rather clever PT reference possibly missed.
That's the problem with being the child of the seventies, only those that were there get your humor.

after posting my response I googled DB and PT and thought maybe raymonda had made a mistake; never occurred to me it might be a joke... I guess I am what you call a square.
i haven't heard his estates being for sale yet. did you check if he was an audiophile?
Actually, my money would be on a tweaked out Linn.

It's been discussed in Stereophile and other mags. Most artists don't care about equipment at all! I've talked to many musicians over the years. Not a one had or cared about playback systems. Crazy huh?
True artists don't care about equipment and rich ones like David Bowie would probably have something cool lookin' without giving a damn about overall performance or audiophile qualities. Most-likely it would be an automatic deck similar to full size linear trackers or Denon auto deck. You must remember that he was a male model and would go with fashion rather than performance. Chances he'd have some super-cool 1210MK5 in gold coated chassis also pretty big, but they're not automatic. Most of his recordings aren't audiophile I'd say except "Earthling". He was also among the coolest musicians such as Brian Eno, David Byrne, Lou Reed, Adrean Belew and others. His voice was average at best, but his image, appearance gave participating musicians great commercial success.

I could see Bowie with a B&O turntable, one with a built-on straight line tonearm, and a B&O system, all in white.
DB might have B&O at some point, but it's very tough to find replacement styluses on these.
I can visualize both Linn and B&O mentioned. If a Linn, it would be a nonchalant, I-couldn’t-care, saw-it-at-Harrod’s-and-bought-it-on-a-whim, kind of Bowie cool. Or "Ivor gave it to me and I could not refuse". Cannot imagine Bowie ever tweaking the suspension :)
I'm a musician currently, been one since the 60s, and some of us are hifi gear heads. Not many it seems, but not many of anybody is an audio geek so it's kind of the same deal…sad but true. I do try to convert people (including some fellow musicians) and...meh…waste of time generally. Peter Washington Jr. is a top shelf NYC bass player and he's a hifi geek so that's one right there.
Soundsmith rebuilds B&O cartridges Czarivey. In case you are interested.

Alfred Brendel owns Quad gear. Before I became an Ayre head, I had owned successive generations of Quad gear for 30 years. About ten years ago, I saw a photo of Brendel in his home. Sitting right in a corner with a stack of CDs was a Quad preamp and amp setup. No indication of what speakers he used or if he owned a TT.
rwwear, I know that SoundSmith rebuilds them.
They rebuilt my Pioneer 6MC replaceable stylus. This cartridge is one of the best trackers I've ever had especially if it comes to play not perfect records. 
I'm not sure if David Bowie knew about SoundSmith though..:-)
Simon Yorke
Thanks for the Earthling recommendation. I'll have to check that one out. I've also found side 2 of Hunky Dory to be recorded well. 
I have hundreds of records....the one that sounds best by far on my system is a David Bowie record....the soundtrack from the movie Catpeople.  The sound is absolutely astounding...better than any audiophile record that I have (have many).  Its very old, but if you can find it, snatch it up.