"What Is Classic Rock?"

I just watched this on AXS TV. It is a good documentary on the Classic Rock music, where it

has been and where it may be going

What is classic rock


I can live happily ever after, if I never hear comfortably numb on the radio....just nod if you can hear me. 


Agreed. I disagreed with some things they put forth but overall a good presentation and enjoyable

Completely subjective, just as it’s always been. In general, give me someone’s high school graduation year and I can easily tell you what their definition of "classic rock" is.

For this listener, the term “Classic Rock” equates to the <200-ish titles in rotation on Clear Channel “Classic Rock” radio stations.

Did anyone else see this show other than @russ69 ? That's what the thread was about.


Completely subjective, just as it’s always been

Well, of course it is/was subjective. Most everything about music IS subjective.So i expected the show to be subjective as is your assertion. Everything in this thread is subjective except that the show DID come on AXS TV and I watched it. I figured that if I liked it mostly, others might also like it. that too is subjective. But so are 90% of the books.  news and conversations in general.

My take is that classic rock is from the early -mid 60's til the early 90's. The hair bands (subjective) were also classic rock. It was their persona that was somewhat different but their music was mostly the same