What is CDE ?? Biem / stemra ???

I have one disc, long forgotton and left on shelves for over 6-7 years : during the period I had changed twice the
CD players ( the previous two can play it )
Now I am using Wadia 861.

The Disc is " The Simon & Garfunkel Collection "
on the disc it is marked:-

CD CBS 24005
(DIDP 13)
Compact Disc, Digital Audio
Made in Austria

(P) 1981 CBSInc.

But it can be played on computers, with Windows Media /
Real Players, and Power DVD.

Can someone knowlegeable to explain to me why??
Do I understand it correct that you can't play the cd on the Wadia? That has nothing to do with BIEM/STEMRA, though.

BIEM is the international recording rights organisation: Bureau International des sociétés gérant les droits d'Enregistrement et de reproduction Mécanique, STEMRA is the Dutch member association
Just an indication that authors' rights are paid for.

When you say 7 years on the shelves, though, that was when the industry kept surprising buyers with new copy protection nasties every fortnight that many players could not cope with. Does the Wadia refuse to play other (older) discs as well?

I have re-checked again.
I sh have not played it for at least over 15 years,
the way I put it in the CD Plaster case could tell ,
as I put it with Printed side downwards, the way as my very
Old "pioneer CD Payer" /centre-drive, with play head above ,pointing down.

On the CD , there is also one logo mark
a round cirle, with "CDE" three alphabets inside.

Most probably it was purchased sometimes around 1983 ??

I tried it on my wife's Midi Hi Fi, " Onkyo" in bed-room,
it is also not "playable". reading returns to "0" soon.

On computer, it can be played as normal.

Really don't know why ??
If you purchased it around 1983 it must have been one of the very first CDs. I recall there have been severe mechanical problems after a few years with some of those. Something about the print destroying the information layer, perhaps someone can fill in here, as I don't know the details anymore. If that is the problem, then I'm sorry to say: destination waste bin.
... oops, re my previous post. If it's still possible to use it with a computer drive, then no reason to throw it away, of course. Still, I can imagine that you're faced with some mechanical degradation making it impossible to play with an "real" cd drive.
If you can play the disc on your computer, why don't you burn a copy and see if that works in your others CDPs.
Thanks to all.
At the moment, I could only stop at the conclusion that
some manufacture of CD's at early stage may have this
problem, " aging"problem may be.

thanks for your posts.
Before this thread is curtain-drawn,I had one experiment
made on this disc... uisng the De-magnetiser (
furutech RD-2) de-magnetising it over and over for about
I think 20+ times ( normally I did once for CD/DVD, and
for DVD not viewed several months, 3 times ; 1st on the printed side and once on the recorded side,then 3rd on printed side ).
After the long de-magnetising, Now I can play it on DVD Players, midi-Hifi system, but with the Wadia 861, sound is audiable, but it is only about 40-50 % of the normal
volume level ( which I would try no more, wondering if
it will cause " over-burden" to my Wadia.)
I shall keep it with the computer use.
If it plays OK in the computer, burn it to a cdr using the slowest speed possible. The cdr should play in your cd player. The quality should be equal to or better than the original.
It seems O.K. on Computer as I have never care the volume
Level and sound quality, in fact, it is subject to some sort of deterioration. Burned copy at 4 x speed only,
is exactly the same.

so forget it.
I raised this issue at the beginning wondering if this was
another version of CD. nothing to bother further now.