What is biwiring? Are my speakers compatible?

HI. What is bi-wiring? I don't know much about high-end audio but would like to rapidly learn, especially now that I have begun to listen to music that really sounds good in a high-end system. Anyways, what are the pros/cons of biwiring?

I have a pair of Von Schweikert VR-2000's that I bought in 1998. Are these speakers biwireable, and if so, would they benefit? I am probably going to power with a C-J Sonographe SA250 amp, although I may spend a bit more and get into the Myryad MA240 (sounds like a great amp).
Audioquest has some good info on that here http://www.audioquest.com/ ; select Cable Theory. Biwiring is using 2 cables or 2 parts of one cable per speaker to sort of divide and conquer, rather the way speaker designers use different drivers in a speaker for different frequency bands. It's LOTS more complicated than that, of course, but I believe it's a valid way to improve the sound of a system. However, the improvement, Other Things Being Equal and of course other things are NEVER equal, is IMO down to a tenth or 2 of a point on the 10 scale. IOW, many other improvements will be FAR more audible than the improvements from biwiring, OTBE.

If your speakers have TWO pairs of input jacks for each system, labeled something like Low and High, they're biwirable.
Try this artical. It's a good one.