What is better?- wadia 850 OR wadia 2000 Trans+dac

Ignoring the price, which of these will work better with my system? C37 Mcintosh ore amp, MC2720 power amp, 8 and W Nautilus 804 speakers

Which will sound more musical? I know that the 850 has slightly better technology but the 2000 combo is supposed to sound more "motional"?

Has anyone experience both? Need to decide today... answer urgently please. thanks
My friend has a highly modified 2000 that is so involving that we just listen to the music.I think the wt2000 is still a reference trans in terms of resolution(this one is moded by Steve Huntley all the way}. that transport is a monster interms of build quality,the separate power supply is better isolation than the 850.To me separates are better because they can be moded easier and there is less parts in one confined chasis.Also the separates don't share the same ground plain as the 850,I have a Wadia 8 and a 15i ( moded by steve as well)and love the sound and resolution.Such a terrible decision you must make, I feel that it you can't lose either way-Dennis
first transport parts are not available from Wadia for the 2000 transport I read on Audio asylum. Second thought is the 850 is 7 years newer technology than the other equipment your suggesting. I would think the 850 would definitely sound better.